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Universities in UK Attending The World Education Fair: FEB-MAR'23

February 2023

Listen Up! The World Education Fair 2023, which is slated to kick off with a bang from Saturday, February 4th, 2023, all the way up to Wednesday, March 1st, 2023, has once again been initiated by Edwise, India's top overseas education consultants, with 30+ years of top-tier experience. Come and experience the participation of Universities from the UK that are going to attend the event. Additionally, stand a terrific chance of meeting and interacting with representatives from elite institutions and universities from 10 countries across 17 cities. Read through the blog to discover the many reasons why the Edwise Fair is different from other education fairs.

Universities in UK Attending The World Education Fair

UK Universities Participating @ the World Education Fair:

At the 2023 World Education Fair, the following universities in UK will be present: University of Dundee, Bournemouth University, Kings College London, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Aberdeen, Cranfield University, University of Kent, Nottingham Trent University, University of Exeter, Loughborough University, The University of Manchester, Falmouth University, Queen Mary University of London, University of South Wales, Kingston University, University of Sheffield, Queen's University Belfast, University of Brighton, Bath Spa University, University of Surrey, Cardiff University, University of Strathclyde, University of Greenwich, Newcastle University, University of Bristol, Manchester Metropolitan University, Henley Business School, and SOAS University of London.

What distinguishes the 2023 World Education Fair?

  • Since Edwise's founding in 1991, colleges and universities have been close partners. Their attendance at the event will act as a launch pad to your dream school.
  • There will be no entry fees at the venue.
  • Not only will you be able to network with university representatives, but you will also have the opportunity to meet other students who desire to start their study abroad journey. This will facilitate meeting people and forming friendships before the course even starts.
  • Thanks to the ample support offered, the thorough informational booklets, and the constant attention of the Edwise staff, a pleasurable, stress-free experience is assured at the fair.
  • Coaching and Visa Counselling Services will be provided during the fair.
  • In addition to the standard services, there will also be Academic Pathway Planning, Pre-Departure Assistance, and Test Preparation services available.

The United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, France, and Italy are a few of the other nations that will attend the World Education Fair in 2023.

 No  Date  Day  Time  Cities
 1  4th February, 2023  Saturday  10:30am-5pm  Chennai
 5th February, 2023  Sunday  10:30am-5pm  Mumbai
 7th February, 2023  Tuesday  10:30am-4pm  Surat
 8th February, 2023  Wednesday  10:30am-4pm  Vadodara
 9th February, 2023  Thursday  10:30am-4pm  Ahmedabad
 11th February, 2023  Saturday  10:30am-5pm  Pune
 12th February, 2023  Sunday  10:30am-5pm  Delhi
 14th February, 2023  Tuesday  10:30am-4pm  Chandigarh
 16th February, 2023  Thursday  10:30am-4pm  Jaipur
10   18th February, 2023  Saturday  10:30am-5pm  Bangalore
11   19th February, 2023  Sunday  10:30am-5pm  Kolkata
12  21st February, 2023 Tuesday 10:30am-4pm Vizag
13 23rd February, 2023 Thursday 10:30am-4pm Indore
14 25th February, 2023 Saturday 10:30am-5pm Hyderabad
15 26th February, 2023 Sunday 10:30am-5pm Coimbatore
16 28th February, 2023 Tuesday 10:30am-4pm Cochin
17 1st March, 2023 Wednesday 10:30am-4pm Trivandrum

The UK: A General Overview

The United Kingdom is one of the top study abroad destinations for international students with one of the best educational systems in the world that seeks to give students professional and practical skill sets so that they are prepared for real-world situations. With the perfect amalgamation of theory and practicum, courses in UK are regarded as the best and most gratifying. Additionally, UK universities have developed a reputation for being among the best universities in the world. The UK has set a high standard for other countries' educational institutions owing to its lengthy history.

Ever pondered upon why study in the UK?

One may think of study in UK for a variety of reasons, including:

  • University education in the UK is of the highest calibre.
  • Courses offered at universities in UK are shorter with undergraduate (UG) programs lasting more than 3 years and postgraduate (PG) programs lasting just 1 year. Due to the programmes' greater intensity compared to those in many other countries, students can graduate more rapidly without compromising academic quality.
  • As a result of the shortened course duration, tuition fees and living expenses are also decreased.
  • For the duration of the academic year, students are allowed to work part-time, up to 20 hours per week, to help pay for both their education and their daily living expenses. You may even work full-time during your semester break.
  • Students who attend UK universities are given the freedom to explore their creative potential.
  • With students being taught by academic subject specialists, the course structure and pedagogy brings out the best in them.
  • Students who study in UK grow personally and gain self-confidence.
  • Universities in UK provide financial support in the form of bursaries/grants and scholarships.

For further assistance or queries students can contact us, Edwise International, and avail of our wide range of services for students on destinations like Universities in UK, study in UK, study in USA, study in Ireland, study in Canada, study in Australia, study in New-Zealand, study in Singapore and many other countries.

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