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6 Trending Management Courses Abroad

February 2022

Management courses particularise in learning about the responsibilities for and control of an organization. It is conventionally a branch of business studies. At several universities across the globe, management modules are taught as an academic discipline.

A management degree equips you with the knowledge and skills in leadership and organizational theory indispensable to being a successful and respected manager. Management courses< are available at foundation, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level, including teaching, research, and Ph.D.

Top MBA Courses To Specialize In

Business Management Degrees

Business management is a sought-after degree program to study especially for international students. Studying business management abroad exposes you to different business practices, which can help expand your overall understanding of the subject.

You can study a Bachelor's as BA or BSc degree with the only difference that BA may be more theory-based, and BSc more practical. Bachelor's in Business Management typically takes three or four years to complete.

At the postgraduate level, a Master's in Business Management is available as an MA or MSc, and you can choose to study a specific area like business management and innovation, or international business management.

Event Management Degrees

The event management course focuses on the organization and planning of events within different sectors. With an Event Management Degree, it is crucial to have enough practical experience of organizing events. Event management degrees are more commonly available in the UK and Europe at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Some areas of study in the course are compulsory, and others are elective for specialization in specific aspects of events. One has the opportunity to go for modules that are assessed on a large amount of practical work.

Hospitality Management Degrees

Hospitality covers a range of areas including hotels, restaurants, and bars, and is one of the world’s biggest industries, employing 200 million-plus people. A degree in hospitality management gives a holistic understanding of the business and management concepts needed to work in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality management degrees are available at all undergraduate levels and are often offered as foundation degrees or certificate programs. It is possible to study hospitality at Bachelor’s level over three or four years, and Master's degrees are available lasting one or two years.

Organizational Management Degrees

Organizational management is a growing business field that focuses on using the different levels of company leadership to set goals, monitor outcomes, and improve communication. A degree in organizational management bestows the skills to create and lead teams in a range of business industries and settings.

Organizational management degrees are available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels mainly offered in the US, the UK, and Australia.

A Bachelor's level, programs are available as a BSc or a BA. You can also choose to pursue a Master's in Organizational Management. Programs are available as an MBA, MSc, or M.Comm (Master of Communication), and typically take either one or two years to complete.

Recreation Management Degrees

Recreation and leisure management is a booming global business Recreation Management courses help gain knowledge, professional skills, and experience needed to get a kick start in the industry. Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to see how recreational trends, provisions, and policies differ within and between countries where one also acquires the leadership and commercial skills vital for operating in an international context.

Bachelor's degree in Recreation Management is studied over a minimum of three years, but some integrate an additional 12-month placement and last four years. Programs are available as either a BA or a BSc.

A postgraduate study lasts one or two years, depending on whether you study on a full or part-time basis. Research-based Ph.D. programs will add four or five years on top of this.

Supply Chain Management Degrees

Effective supply chain management is essential to the performance of retailers and manufacturers. As a supply chain management student, one learns about the planning, sourcing, financing, manufacturing, and logistics that are needed for a successful supply chain.

It's possible to study supply chain management at a range of degree levels including foundation, certificate, UG, and PG levels. One of the most popular options is to study for a Bachelor's Degree in Supply Chain Management as a BA or BSc.

You can study a Master's in Supply Chain Management which is often designed for current professionals looking to increase their knowledge or achieve a management role.

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MBA Courses to study abroad

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