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Reasons to Study Animation & Gaming in Canada

In recent times, the animation and gaming industry have gained tremendous growth through interactive experiences and storytelling.

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Reasons to Study STEM in the UK

In the time when there is a lot of technological advancements going on, there are lot of ground- breaking discoveries happening parallelly.

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Why Study Doctoral Program in Australia?

Embarking on a doctoral journey is a significant decision that opens a lot of opportunities. Australian universities offer a good proposition for aspiring doctoral programs.

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Myths and Facts About Education in the USA

The USA boasts the highest number of international students in its universities. With the USA being a leading nation in terms of education, there is a rising interest among the students in studying abroad.

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Things One Should Be Aware of While studying in Australia

After the US and the UK, Australia is currently the third-most popular country in the English-speaking world for overseas students. Because of the diverse range of cultures, the welcoming locals

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Best Cities in New Zealand

It is a known fact that New Zealand is a beautiful country. There is a lot more beyond this, and that is the education facilities of the country.

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Reasons to Study Diploma in Singapore

Singapore is home to top-ranking universities such as the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

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Know It All About Pursuing Master of Public Health in the UK

Renowned for its top-notch universities, vast array of academic courses, and varied cultural immersions, the United Kingdom (UK) is a highly sought-after study abroad destination.

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Know All About Australian Universities Visiting the WEF

Take note everyone! Edwise, India’s Leading Overseas Education Consultants with 32 years of unparallel experience, is back with The World Education Fair 2024

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Know About Pursuing Robotics in Germany

Owing to its exceptional educational system, Germany is a popular choice for students looking to study abroad.

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Know All About Civil Engineering in New- Zealand

New Zealand has population which is growing rapidly. With this, the demand for civil engineers is growing.

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Why Ottawa for Education?

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada is a home to several best institutions of the country. The universities here are highly ranked.

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Come Interact With USA+Canada Universities @ The WEF

Take Note! The 2024 World Education Fair, spearheaded by Edwise, Indias Premier Overseas Education Consultants with 32 years of unmatched expertise, is slated to begin with a spectacular start on Thursday, February 1st, 2024

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Why is USA the Most Preferred Destination for Studying?

The USA is home to various universities that are ranked well in terms of academic excellence and research contributions.

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Come Interact with UK Universities at the WEF

Hello everybody! Edwise, Indias Leading Overseas Education Consultants with 32 years of unparalleled experience, is back with The World Education Fair 2024

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