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Why Canada Is Best For Studying Abroad?

Canada is a popular choice for thousands of international students because it has one of the worlds longest coastsa large wilderness, world-class cities, and a culture that values tolerance and variety.

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Top 5 Affordable NZ Cities For International Students

New Zealand is among the top study abroad locations for overseas students. It is mostly because of the wide exposure, the excellent education system

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15 Interesting Facts About the UK You Wont Believe

Looking for interesting and mind-blowing facts about the UK? Find the top 15 interesting facts to study in the UK to pursue higher education overseas. Read More!

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BBA in Australia: A Smart Choice for International Students

Want to study BBA programs in Australia? Check out top BBA colleges, course information of BBA, requirements, eligibility criteria, documents required, financial aid, and opportunities available to Indian students for study in Australia

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Best Courses to Study in the USA for 2023

After carefully examining the universities and the vast array of top-notch courses they provide, we can clearly claim that the USA offers every type of degree there is! However, some courses in the USA are more popular than others, just like in other nations.

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UK Admission Days 2023

The UK is a leader in a number of academic disciplines, including science, engineering, business and management, art and design, finance, and law.

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Professional Avenues After Completing Studies in Ireland

Ireland has emerged as a sought after study abroad destination for students from across the globe, particularly Indian students. The country prestigious universities and exceptional education system have been the primary drivers of its popularity.

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Tips For Finding Part-Time Jobs As An International Student

A popular country for international students to study abroad is Australia. The country is a well-liked study overseas destination and annually draws millions of students.

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Other Countries Participating @ The World Education Fair

Excellent news! The 2023 World Education Fair, initiated by Edwise, Indias leading Overseas Education Consultants with over three decades of excellent competence

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USA+Canada Universities Participating @ The World Education

The World Education Fair 2023, which will formally debut on Saturday, April 22, 2023, and last through Sunday, May 14, 2023

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UK Universities Participating @ The World Education Fair

Hey Folks! Edwise, Indias premier overseas education consultants with more than 30 years of unmatched experience, has yet again hosted the World Education Fair 2023

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Australian Unis Participating @ The World Education Fair

Listen Up! Edwise, Indias leading Overseas Education Consultants, with 30+ years of unrivaled expertise has once again pioneered the highly anticipated World Education Fair 2023

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The Guide to Scholarships for Your Studies in Ireland

Embarking on a journey to study in Ireland promises to be a thrilling experience. Renowned for its vibrant cultural heritage.

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The Australian Way Of Living For An International Student

When we think of Australia, kangaroos, koalas, vast expanses of outback bush, pristine air, and freshwater spring to mind. Australia, however, has a lot more to offer.

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The World Education Fair April - May 2023

Congratulations on your decision to pursue higher education overseas! However, have you decided on your preferred course, destination country, and intake period?

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