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5 Best Study Abroad Programs for Indian Students

February 2021

Education abroad is a riveting experience; thus it comes as no surprise that study abroad for Indian students is a prominent concept. A major pull factor is the sheer number of specializations offered at universities abroad. With more courses being regularly introduced at universities, here are the top 5 study abroad programs for Indian students.

Data Science

  • Every imaginable business now depends on data, therefore there exists a huge demand for individuals with these analytical skills and thus Data Scientists are in huge demand.
  • Students with a strong suit in statistics and computer science are easily drawn towards the field. Concepts of database management, data mining, big data analytics and much more are taught through these programs.
  • Lucrative job opportunities are major advantages of pursuing this course.
  • Study abroad destinations such as the USA, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the best places to study abroad for this program.


  • Through the years, a great number of courses have come and gone, however, the allure of an MBA program has stayed intact. Studying an MBA abroad has been on the bucket list for a large number of students.
  • The international nature of an MBA program enables students to not just to make a career in the business realm, but also in other areas where management skills are the need of the hour.
  • To study an MBA abroad, students in some cases are required to appear for the GRE or GMAT.
  • Destinations such as the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia are revered for an MBA program abroad.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Revolutionary technology that comprises of AI and ML are increasingly used by companies to enhance their customer service. Thus, the career opportunities offered are manifold.
  • From creating intelligent machines to using algorithms, these courses offer its students a range of areas to cover.
  • Students are drawn towards universities USA, universities in Ireland and universities in Australia to study this course.
  • This course is expected to hold immense prominence in the future as well and thus, a large number of students are drawn towards it.


  • Engineering is one such discipline that has also held significance over the years. A vast area of study, it covers components of mechanical, industrial, automobile, computer, electronic and chemical to name a few.
  • These professionals are in high demand across the globe. Attaining an undergraduate and/or a postgraduate degree from abroad holds the student in good stead in the future.
  • The state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities offered at universities abroad enables students to undertake research, thus many decide to study engineering abroad.

Project Management

  • A degree in the same equips students to manage, plan, supervise, coordinate projects from its commencement to end. With the industry undergoing a constant change, equipping oneself with this degree will offer immaculate opportunities for the future.
  • Moreover, with the increasingly globalized nature of today's economy attaining an education abroad in the same is a fruitful decision to make.
  • Study in USA, Study in UK, Study in Canada and Study in Germany are revered destinations for this course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the best study abroad programs for Indian students?

There are ample of courses to study abroad, but the best study abroad programs can help the student make a good decision. Below listed are some of the best study abroad programs:

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • Management and Leadership
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Epidemiology

What are the requirements for applying for study abroad programs for Indian students?

For studying abroad, here are some of the important documents one needs to have:

  • Application form
  • Academic transcripts such as SSC, Intermediate, degree marksheet, Final semester project work details, LOR, etc
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
  • Test Scores
  • Work Experience Certificates
  • Latest Salary Slip.
  • A valid passport
  • Additional Documents
  • Requirements for Student Visa for Indian Students to Study Abroad

What are the top study abroad destinations for Indian students?

Indian students’ have a wide range of destinations to choose from. Here are some best countries to study abroad for Indian students:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • Japan

What are the best universities for Indian students to study abroad?

Students’ have the option to choose from the best universities. The best universities abroad for Indian students are as follows:

  • Harvard University (USA)
  • Stanford University (USA)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA).
  • University of Oxford (UK)
  • University of Cambridge (UK)
  • Imperial College London (UK)
  • University of Toronto (Canada)
  • University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • McGill University (Canada)
  • University of Melbourne (Australia)
  • Australian National University (ANU, Australia)
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore)
  • University of Auckland (New Zealand)
  • University of Auckland (New Zealand).
  • Lund University (Sweden)
  • University College Dublin (UCD, Ireland)
  • University of Tokyo (Japan)
  • ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
  • University of Hong Kong (HKU)
  • University of Sydney (Australia)

What are the scholarships available for Indian students studying abroad?

  • Government Scholarships such as Ministry of Education Scholarships and Commonwealth Scholarships
  • Merit-based Scholarships such as  Fulbright-Nehru Scholarships and Inlaks Scholarships
  • University-specific Scholarships
  • Country-specific Scholarships
  • Subject-specific Scholarships
  • Private Organizations and Foundations
  • Financial Aid and Loans
  • Research-based Scholarship
  • Community and Minority Scholarships
  • Women-specific Scholarships
  • Sports Scholarships
  • Corporate Scholarships

How do study abroad programs assist Indian students in terms of visa and immigration processes?

The study abroad programs offer valuable assistance when it comes to visa and immigration process.

  • Visa Guidance and Information
  • Document Preparation
  • Visa Sponsorship
  • Visa Application Support
  • Information Sessions and Workshops
  • Updates on Immigration Policies
  • Visa Interview Preparation
  • Post-Arrival Support
  • Compliance with Visa Regulations
  • Cultural and Legal Orientation

What factors should Indian students consider when choosing between short-term and long-term study abroad programs?

There are several factors that must be considered before choosing the right course. The factors are as follows:

  • Academic Goals
  • Field of Study
  • Language Proficiency
  • Budget
  • Cultural Experience
  • Visa and Immigration Regulations
  • Work Opportunities
  • Housing and Accommodation
  • Networking and Connections
  • Personal Goals and Preferences
  • Future Plans
  • Health and Safety

What are the success stories of Indian students who have participated in the best study abroad programs?

Some Indian students participating in study abroad programmes from the best universities from around the world have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields. As an example, we can see the following people:

  • Sundar Pichai
  • Arvind Krishna
  • Indra Nooyi
  • N. R. Narayana Murthy
  • Raghuram Rajan
  • N. K. Narayan
  • Sheryl Sandberg

Are there any study abroad programs that offer joint degrees or collaborations between Indian and foreign universities?

There are joint degrees and collaborations between Indian and foreign universities:

  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and Washington University in St. Louis, USA
  • IIT Delhi and the University of Queensland, Australi
  • IIM Calcutta and the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Germany
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and Deakin University (Australia) and University of Missouri (USA)
  • NALSAR has collaborations with foreign law schools, such as Cornell Law School (USA) and the University of Melbourne Law School (Australia)
  • IIT Kanpur and Purdue University, USA

How do study abroad programs assist Indian students in finding suitable accommodation options?

Universities help in finding accomadation for Indian students in many ways such as:

  • On-Campus Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing
  • Homestays
  • Assistance with Contracts
  • Roommate Matching
  • Orientation Programs
  • Local Resources
  • Safety and Support
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Pre-Arrival Information

What are the steps Indian students should take to prepare themselves for the academic challenges of study abroad programs?

Preparing for academic challenges is essential for Indian students for academics and for study abroad experience. Listed below are some steps for Indian students to prepare themselves:

  • Research the CurriculumLanguage Proficiency
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Familiarize Yourself with Academic Culture
  • Review Prerequisite Knowledge
  • Time Management Skills
  • Adapt to New Teaching Styles
  • Academic Support Services
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Prepare Academic Materials
  • Academic Advising
  • Manage Stress and Well-Being
  • Stay Informed
  • Seek Peer Support
  • Stay OrganizeSeek
  •  Feedback and Improvement
  • Stay Curious and Engaged

What are the visa requirements for Indian students studying abroad?

Visa requirement may vary according to the desired country of the student:

  • Acceptance at a Recognized Institution
  •  Visa Application
  • Required Documents:
  • Visa Fees
  • Health and Travel Insurance
  • Visa Interview
  • Biometrics
  • Financial Proof
  • Visa Processing Time
  • Travel Restrictions and COVID-19 Requirements
  • Post-Arrival Requirements

What are the best study abroad programs for Indian students interested in engineering?

Best study abroad programs in Engineering include:

  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering.
  • aerospace engineering
  • electronics and mechanical engineering
  • computer science
  • materials science.
  • robotics

What are the best study abroad programs for Indian students interested in business?

Best study abroad programs for management include:

  • International Business and Global Marketing.
  • Project Management.
  • MBA-finance
  • MBA-marketing
  • MBA- leadership.
  • Healthcare management

What are the best study abroad programs for Indian students interested in medicine?

Best study abroad programs for medicine includes:

  • MD (Doctor of Medicine) from USA
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from UK
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program, MD (Doctor of Medicine) from Australia

What are the best study abroad programs for Indian students interested in the arts?

Best study abroad programs in the field of Arts include:

  • Traditional and contemporary arts.
  • painting/printmaking
  • critical theory.
  • design and multimedia arts.
  • Sculpture
  • graphic design
  • fine arts
  • architecture
  • design
  • craft

Ready to make applications for study abroad programs? Get in touch with Edwise, India's Leading Overseas Education Consultants today.

Ready to make applications for study abroad programs? Get in touch with Edwise, India's Leading Overseas Education Consultants today.

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