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5 Best Study Abroad Programs for Indian Students

February 2021

Education abroad is a riveting experience, thus it comes as no surprise that study abroad for Indian students is a prominent concept. A major pull factor is the sheer number of specializations offered at universities abroad. With more courses being regularly introduced at universities, here are the top 5 study abroad programs for Indian students.

Data Science

  • Every imaginable business now depends on data, therefore there exists a huge demand for individuals with these analytical skills and thus Data Scientists are in huge demand.
  • Students with a strong suit in statistics and computer science are easily drawn towards the field. Concepts of database management, data mining, big data analytics and much more are taught through these programs.
  • Lucrative job opportunities are major advantages of pursuing this course.
  • Study abroad destinations such as the USA, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the best places to study abroad for this program.


  • Through the years, a great number of courses have come and gone, however, the allure of an MBA program has stayed intact. Studying an MBA abroad has been on the bucket list for a large number of students.
  • The international nature of an MBA program enables students to not just to make a career in the business realm, but also in other areas where management skills are the need of the hour.
  • To study an MBA abroad, students in some cases are required to appear for the GRE or GMAT.
  • Destinations such as the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia are revered for an MBA program abroad.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Revolutionary technology that comprises of AI and ML are increasingly used by companies to enhance their customer service. Thus, the career opportunities offered are manifold.
  • From creating intelligent machines to using algorithms, these courses offer its students a range of areas to cover.
  • Students are drawn towards universities USA, universities in Ireland and universities in Australia to study this course.
  • This course is expected to hold immense prominence in the future as well and thus, a large number of students are drawn towards it.


  • Engineering is one such discipline that has also held significance over the years. A vast area of study, it covers components of mechanical, industrial, automobile, computer, electronic and chemical to name a few.
  • These professionals are in high demand across the globe. Attaining an undergraduate and/or a postgraduate degree from abroad holds the student in good stead in the future.
  • The state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities offered at universities abroad enables students to undertake research, thus many decide to study engineering abroad.

Project Management

  • A degree in the same equips students to manage, plan, supervise, coordinate projects from its commencement to end. With the industry undergoing a constant change, equipping oneself with this degree will offer immaculate opportunities for the future.
  • Moreover, with the increasingly globalized nature of today's economy attaining an education abroad in the same is a fruitful decision to make.
  • Study in USA, Study in UK, Study in Canada and Study in Germany are revered destinations for this course.

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