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Universities in UK

Universities in UK – Colleges in UK, Cost, Courses and Visa

Universities in UK

Most Universities in UK require different academic requirements depending on the course of application. Courses in UK such as Engineering, Law, Management, and other highly ranked programs may require higher academic scores. Some universities also require work experience and GMAT scores for admission into their programs. Some may take into consideration the scores attained in the English language exams and offer waivers as well. In some cases, UK universities offer accommodation facilities to their students. The undergraduate and postgraduate application process differs when making applications to study in UK. Universities take some time to process applications since they receive an overwhelming number. Whilst some have deadlines, some don’t. Universities in UK also offer their students financial aid in the form of scholarships and bursaries.

Features of study in UK Universities

Noted international personalities have also undertaken their study in UK and thus, students who look to walk in their path are propelled towards the UK. Universities in UK offer a plethora of specializations ensuring that it taps into the inclinations of all students. The educational institutions stay abreast of the latest occurrences and incorporate the same in their curriculum. This enables the students to stay ahead of their competition. Study in UK for Indian students includes self-learning developing skills of originality and ingenuity. Personal tutors and academic counsellors offer students all the help that they may require. Social activities through the university's clubs promote the networking activities of the students. Whilst many believe that study in UK is an expensive affair, it is far from the truth since a range of scholarships and bursaries are offered. Moreover, the National Union of Students offers a range of benefits to students. The tolerant, multicultural societies and proximity to Europe are added benefits. Top universities in UK offer courses that range from law, medicine, engineering, business and much more.


Major universities in UK have intakes in September/October. Whilst some also offer a January and February intake too.

Duration of Courses in UK Universities

When compared to other study abroad destinations, courses in UK are for a shorter duration. Undergraduate programs are for 3 years and postgraduate programs are for 1 year.

Tuition fees to study in UK Universities

The shorter course duration results in the costs to curtail. The tuition fees/year for popular areas of study include: Arts, Humanities: £ 8,000 to £ 10,000 Engineering / Science: £ 10,000 to £ 13,000 Business: £ 12,000 to £ 16,000 MBA: £ 10,000 to £ 25,000

Living Expenses to Study in UK Universities

Living Costs/year in Places in outer London £9207, whilst those places in inner London is £12006. On average, an undergraduate student pursuing a 40 weeks long course may spend up to Rs. 8 - 9 lakhs, while a postgraduate student may approximately spend nearly Rs. 10 - 11 lakhs. To study in UK for Indian students, they need to make provisions to pay £13521, especially if in London.

Entry Requirements for Colleges in UK

Depending on the course of study, the entry requirements vary. If students are seeking to study in top colleges in UK, the requirements become more competitive. Students with a low percentage looking to study in UK can study Foundation and Diploma courses which lead to better universities. The percentage required depends on the program of application. In some cases, a minimum age criterion also comes into play. Some universities offering MBA program will require students to appear for the GMAT and work experience. English language proficiency of the students is also judged thus they need to appear for the IELTS or TOEFL.

Part-Time Job Avenues

Colleges in UK allow students to work 20 hours per week during the duration of the course and full-time during course vacations. The student approximately earns £ 5- £ 7 per hour.

Student Visa to Study in UK Universities

The government altered the Tier 4 route to the Student Route. The criteria now include: 1. Offer from an approved educational institution 2. Financial support during study in UK 3. Possess adequate English language proficiency 4. In total, students need to attain 70 points to be able to get a student visa. It will come into play in summer 2021, so students will receive 2 years of stay-back, whilst those who have undertaken their Ph.D. will receive 3 years of stay back.

FAQs on Universities in UK

How much does it cost to study in UK?
Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in UK tend to range from £ 8,000- £ 25,000. Whilst living expenses per month of study in UK may range from £9207- £12006 per month.

What is the percentage required to study in UK?
A minimum of 65% and above for humanities stream in 12th grade and 70 - 80% and above for Science/Commerce is required. Foundations and Diploma programs are available for those who have secured below 60%.

Is it hard for an international student to get a job in UK?
To attract international students, the government altered the study visa rules for international students. International students from an ambit of countries which includes India can stay back in the UK for two years upon the completion of the course. A prominent benefit is that it now allows them to look for jobs. Once the graduate finds an appropriate job, they can switch to the skilled work segment which is a route towards settlement. Moreover, this doesn't restrict the type of jobs students are permitted to undertake.

How many universities in UK should students make an application in?
Students looking to study in UK, are advised to make applications to five universities. This number can differ from student to student.

What are the benefits of attending Colleges in UK?
These are preparatory stage for students to attend universities. Students attend vocational courses at colleges in UK to imbibe skills, required for a distinctive job. Education courses offered include Diploma, Foundation Degrees, General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), Higher National Certificate (HNC), Higher National Diploma HND, International Baccalaureate.

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