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Strategies for Seeking A Job after Master's in UK

June 2023

The UK is a popular destination for international students seeking to study abroad, and for good reason. The UK's dynamic and evolving economy means that it is well-suited to cater to the needs of its international student population. Whether you are seeking to enhance your academic or career prospects, studying in the UK can provide a valuable opportunity to do both.

Jobs in UK after masters

Tips for Postgraduate Job Seekers

For skilled workers, the UK offers ample job opportunities after completing a Master's degree, particularly in the field of science. By adopting the right approach to job searching and application, candidates can gain a head start in their job hunt. Here are some key points that international students should keep in mind while searching for jobs in the UK after completing their Masters.

  • Explore the Graduate Route: The UK's Graduate Route allows international students with Tier 4 visas to extend their stay for two years after completing their studies. This provides postgraduate students with ample time to search for a job without the need for a sponsor, and take advantage of the UK's diverse job market and dynamic economy.
  • Opportunities for University Placement: To enter the UK job market after completing a master's program, candidates must stay competitive. University placements offer an excellent opportunity to secure a job. Top universities in the UK have well-established placement cells that assist graduates in finding employment with reputable organizations.
  • Consult a Recruitment Agency: Numerous recruitment agencies provide comprehensive solutions for job applications abroad. Candidates must choose a reputable brand like Adecco, Impellam, Hays, or Reed, and work with them to plan their applications. By registering with a reliable agency and maintaining a good track record, candidates can easily find a job that matches their profile.
  • Reaching Out to Companies: UK recruiters appreciate confident candidates who have demonstrated their skill set and matched their qualifications to their company's profile. Some companies shortlist eligible candidates and approach them for recruitment directly, without involving a formal channel or agency.
  • Recruitment Fairs & Job Expos: Top UK universities host webinars, career events, and job fairs to help their graduates connect with potential employers and explore job opportunities. These events offer valuable insights into the job market and the skills in demand for specific roles, making them a great resource for job seekers.

Prominent Recruiters in the UK

Glassdoor's report reveals the leading UK-based companies hiring students with a master's degree. Some of them include:

  • Abcam
  • Accenture
  • Apple
  • Bella Italia
  • Deloitte
  • Google
  • GTB
  • KPMG
  • Meta
  • Microsoft
  • PwC
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Softcat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How important is work experience while applying for jobs after a master's degree in the UK?

When applying for jobs after a master's degree in the UK, having work experience is crucial as it makes candidates more competitive and showcases their skills and abilities in a practical setting. Employers highly value industry knowledge, networks, and professional references gained from work experience.

What are some of the popular industries that hire postgraduate students in the UK?

Industries such as finance, technology, healthcare, engineering, consulting, and education are among the popular sectors that recruit postgraduate students in the UK.

How long does it usually take for postgraduate students to get hired after completing their degree in the UK?

The duration for postgraduate students to land a job after their degree in the UK differs and depends on various factors, including the industry, market conditions, and personal circumstances. Certain students may receive job offers while still pursuing their degree, while others may need several months to secure a position.

What are some popular job search websites in the UK for postgraduate job seekers?

Some commonly used job search websites in the UK for postgraduate job seekers are Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Reed, and Monster.

Are there any visa requirements that postgraduate job seekers need to keep in mind while applying for jobs in the UK?

Postgraduate job seekers must have the appropriate visa or work permit to work in the UK. They may require a Tier 2 visa or other visa types depending on the job criteria and their situation.

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Job opportunities in UK after masters

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