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Trending Masters Degrees To Pursue In The UK- 2022 (Part-1)

October 2022

Like the United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Germany etc., the United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most popular study overseas destinations among many international students, including Indians. The UK is globally acclaimed for its top notch and quality education. The educational institutes in the country have been imparting education for decades now. The UK is home to top-ranking colleges and universities. The colleges and universities in UK offer a myriad of courses for students to choose from and thus, they are spoilt for choice. Courses across various disciplines viz. Engineering, Computer Science, Law, Medicine, Architecture, Nursing, etc. are offered in the UK. A large number of students seek admission in UK every year. UK college admissions take place in three intakes viz. Fall, Winter and Summer intakes. The Fall intake begins in the month of September right uptil December or early January. The Winter intake starts in the month of January and ends in April. The third intake i.e. the Summer intake commences in May and ends in August. A degree earned in the UK is highly valued and appreciated by employers all over the world. Graduates from UK universities seek jobs at highly reputed companies with a lucrative salary. Students who study abroad in UK have the opportunity to work part-time for 20 hours per week during the duration of their course and for a maximum of 40 hours per week during course breaks.

Universities in UK

Top Ranking Universities that offer Master's courses in UK

Mentioned below are the universities in UK that offer Postgraduate courses:

Trending Master's Degrees to pursue in the UK

Universities in UK offer a plethora of Postgraduate courses for students to opt from. Some of the popular Master's courses to study in UK are as under:

  • Economics, Accounts and Finance
  • Architecture
  • Political Science
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Engineering
  • Art and Design
  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Law Education

1. Economics, Accounts, and Finance

With an aim to simplify economic studies, state-of-the-art economic degrees are imparting certain contemporary education tools into their curriculums by employing problem-solving, computing, and data analysis. The need for competent economists and mathematicians is on the rise by countries for their ever-expanding economies. Mathematical skills is a requisite for economic studies with practically 87% of Economists, Data Analysts, and Mathematicians seeking employment as soon as they graduate from college. Their job roles attract handsome remunerations as well as responsibilities. Mathematicians and economists can showcase their talents in sectors viz. banking, forecasting, networking, finance, accounting, and analytics. One opting for a Postgraduate degree in Economics, Accounts and Finance in the UK can specialize in Management in Finance, Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets), Data Analytics and Finance, Economics, Finance, Accounting and Finance, Global Finance Analytics, Banking and Finance, and Finance (Finance and Investment).

2. Computer Science and Information Technology

With new industries embarking on digital business and online marketing strategies, Computer Science and Information Technology amongst others, remains the most challenging job role till date. Degrees in this domain are expanding at an accelerating rate and will continue to grow further in due course of time. Computer Science and IT plays a significant role in key areas like Software development, Cloud computing, Security, Gaming industries, Artificial Intelligence, and Web development. With a belief in experiential learning, Computer Science courses at universities in UK are taught in alignment with current industry standards. Specializations in this discipline are as under: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Media, Masters of Science in Computing Science, Cyber Security, Strategic IT Management, Digital Archaeology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Advanced Computer Science, Data Science, and IT Security Management.

3. Architecture

Students pursuing an Architecture degree in the UK are taught not only the design principles but it also brings out their inherent skills and encourages them to use their creativity. A student will be taught skills like planning, developing prototypes into working models, and making the most of a building rather than merely building it. Ample historical significance is incorporated into its architecture by the UK; it has actually witnessed a large number of legends and is constantly on the lookout for innovative techniques to improve its beauty. A lucrative occupation, Archiecture necessitates skills that can combine art, science, design, culture, and technology. One pursuing a Master's degree in Architecture in the UK can specialize in any of the following: Building Surveying, Master in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design, History of Art (Architectural History and Theory), Conservation Studies, English Building History, and Architecture.

4. Law

International student body generally favour UK Law schools owing to their in-depth knowledge of legal concepts as well as course plans that integrate practical applications. UK universities are encouraging their students to undertake internships, they also allow students to be employed to engage in legal practises, providing a distinctive learning experience. A postgraduate degree in Law in the UK offers specializations in Medical Law and Ethics, International Corporate Governance, International Business Law, Legal Practice, International Energy Law, Finance Law, International Financial and Commercial Law, and Master of Law.

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