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UK: Post Graduation Degree

September 2021

Institutions offering post-graduation in UK are well- known for their top standards and high quality. There are varied internal and external bodies that conduct quality checks and ensure that the educational practices keep up to the standards a British education symbolizes. UK's education system, thus, has strong foundations which helps universities provide an unmatched qualification to students.

Numerous top universities in UK offer outstanding postgraduate programs and the country is regarded for the quality overseas education it provides as well as its devotion to shape the minds of the students to their fullest potential. A student wishing to study in UK, can earn a number of degrees and certificates while studying at the postgraduate level. The postgraduate degrees in UK that one can pursue are:

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Master's Degrees in UK

  • Offered at both, the undergraduate and graduate level
  • Upon completing an undergraduate degree, postgraduate Master's degree can be opted for.
  • Few of the varied Master's degrees that one can pursue during their study in UK are: Sciences (Astronomy, Biology, Biochemistry, etc.), Anthropology, English (Linguistics, Literature, etc.), Law, Philosophy, Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology), Theology/Religion, Any language, among others
  • The university one considers, will play a role in determining which of the above degree programs are offered.
  • The duration of postgraduate Master's degrees is one year. However, if one is performing research as part of the program, then the duration will be 18 months- 2 years.
  • Master's degrees enable one to continue the studies one started in his/her Bachelor's program and shows that a student has a higher understanding on his/her expertise area.
  • Courses in UK offer expertise in various fields. People also wish to acquire a different view of the world due to which they pursue their Master's degree in the UK.

Masters of Business Administration(MBA) Degrees in UK

  • Have worldwide recognition and in a way prove that one has the skills required for a successful career in the world of Business.
  • These include Market Research, Business Policy, Human Resources, Operational and Strategic Management, Informational Technologies, Accounting, Business Strategy, Marketing, Finance, International Business, International Trade and Leadership courses offered by a number of universities.
  • Business being a large part of the country's economy, pursuing an MBA in UK is a good idea.

Doctorate Degrees in UK (PhD, DPhil, EdD)

Highest academic level that one can pursue. For those seeking to obtain their doctorate, UK is a popular location. After obtaining a doctorate degree, one usually ends up with a job in the academic and/or research fields (except doctors or law practitioners). The course duration in the UK is three years. One portraying acceptable academic success during one's undergraduate program can apply for a PhD program and does not need to hold a Master's degree before pursuing it.

Other Postgraduate Certificates

There are a number of other certificates offered by universities in UK. One need not invest the full time commitment that one would have to while pursuing a Master's or Doctorate degree. Majority of the schools that offer postgraduate degrees offer Postgraduate certificates which help build on the expertise one already possesses. Postgraduate qualifications are offered by some professions and vocations that can aid one in the workforce.

Conversion courses in UK are also available for one who chooses to discontinue in the field he/she studied during their undergraduate degree and take on courses pertaining to your desired field of study while pursuing post-graduation.

Choosing Post graduation in UK

Education in UK encompasses giving one the inspiration to help develop one's skills, the freedom to be creative, and the aid one needs to achieve one's best.

High quality post-graduation education in UK

Universities in UK have worldwide reputation with a long standing history. The degrees obtained are globally recognized and respected. Postgraduate courses in UK fall into two categories: taught and research-based programmes. Whichever programme one chooses, one will benefit from small to medium class sizes with lots of interaction, a staff-to-student ratio that is favourable, good facilities viz. laboratory equipment, books etc., and opportunities to boost one's critical thinking skills. The learning environment is open and fixed with extensive courses in UK. Most of the courses have a duration of one year, but about half the duration of similar courses in other countries. Thus you can begin your career immediately.

Requirements for course Entry in UK

One should hold a relevant undergraduate qualification before opting for postgraduate courses. In some circumstances, entry to a course may require work experience. If English is not one's first language, he/she may be asked by the college or university to appear for an English language test or may be asked to show his/her English language qualifications before enrolling. This may also be crucial for one's UK student visa application.

Post-Graduation in UK: Costs

One should think about the costs and how to finance one's studies before starting the same. Postgraduate courses in UK, having a shorter duration, aids in keeping tuition fees and costs of living low. Majority of the postgraduate(full-time) courses take one year or more, thus, the tuition fees differ.

Funding in UK

Funding for postgraduate study in UK is competitively awarded. The institution proclaims it (in terms of allocation of studentships for a particular year) rather than directly to students. Master's courses in UK have multiple scholarships. These, however are relatively rare and depend on the course and class earned in the undergraduate degree (at least a lower second is required). Most students pursuing Masters are self-funded.

Scholarship in UK

International students desiring to study in UK are offered numerous bursaries, loans, scholarships, fellowships, grants and financial awards. One should apply at the earliest as the demand for scholarships outweighs the supply.

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