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Trending Well-Paid Jobs In The UK-2022

May 2022

The UK, not just a popular, but among the leading study abroad destinations is known globally for its top notch education. The country, host to one of the oldest and long standing education systems the world over, has been imparting high quality education since decades and continues to see the influx of a large number of international students each year who decide to study in UK. This can be attributed to a number of reasons such as shorter course durations, academic excellence, the option of earning while working, expert faculty, presence of noteworthy alumni with specialization fields and high standards of teaching. The UK is home to renowned colleges and universities. Universities in UK are some of the oldest established educational institutes that aim to provide and develop expertise required to triumph in the globalised world. A degree earned in the UK is acknowledged and globally recognized. The employability rate is also high. Colleges and universities in UK offer an ambit of courses for students to opt from. Some of the most sought after courses in UK include Journalism, Law, Dentistry, Management, Psychology, Hospitality, Engineering, among others. Moreover, a considerable amount of emphasis is laid on independent learning. This in turn, imbibes in students pertinent skills that are valued by employers. In the UK, undergraduate and postgraduate courses are for a duration of three years and one year respectively. The main intake period for admission into colleges and universitites in UK is September and October. Nevertheless, certain courses in UK have intakes in January, February, April and May. Multiculturism still prevails in the country. Moreover, students are eligible to work for 20 hours per week during their course duration and full time during course breaks. The country is ideally situated with abundant scope to travel to nearby European countries. Some of the highly paid jobs in UK in 2022 are as under:

Trending Well-Paid Jobs In The UK-2022

HR Director:

Within a company, the Human Resources (HR) Director is a chief position. The role of an HR Director is to strategize, set goals for the HR department, escort, direct, and implement policies pertaining to hiring, management, industrial relations, etc. He/she earns an average salary of £69,818, with the total salary ranging from about £55,000 to £120,000. Furthermore, working as an International HR Director, a person could get paid around £165,000 annually or sometimes even higher based on the company you work for. One joining as a Senior HR Director could earn £175,000. To acquire the position of a HR Director, the student needs to possess no less than a Bachelor's degree, and preferably a Master's degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, or any other related field. Additionally, majority of the managers prefer potential employees with a minimum of 5-7 years of work experience (or more) in management positions. To be an exceptional HR Director, one requires to have prowess in the areas of labour relations, people management, international human resources, benefits and compensation, HR management, strategic planning, change management etc. For one with substantial ability to influence and who works well with people, HR can be an attractive career for you.

Back End Developer:

Technology is used by a Back End Developer to establish products for the backend of any website. His/her responsibility is to build the structure of a software application. A variety of languages, tools, and frameworks are used by Back End Developers to fulfill their tasks and have adequate training and exposure.

A Back End Developer in the UK earns an average minimum wage of £56,012 annually. Similarly, in London, a Back End Developer earns an average salary of £66,000 per year. This however, can vary based on the experience and skill of the Developer as well as the location.

Several associated positions and their eqivalent average salary each year are as under:

  1. Software Engineer- £43,947
  2. Application Developer- £37,806
  3. Front End Developer- £50,090

Marketing Professionals

The diverse marketing styles are financially remunerative. A marketing team is a requisite for every type of business and company to help expand the business, attract propective customers, and earn sales. Working in marketing can thus be an amazing flexible career, as one can work in varied industries. Furthermore, one with commendable marketing skills can work as a freelancer. To become a marketing expert, one can follow a myriad of specialist roles within the marketing department. Try your hands on copywriting, online marketing, or become a Marketing Director. One entering this field can earn an entry-level salary of about £25,000 and go on to occupy Senior Manager levels as you progress in your career. At present, a Marketing Director earns an average base salary of £66,519 annually with the total annual pay ranging over £170,000 starting with £63,000.

Several associated positions and their eqivalent total salaries each year are as under:

  1. Commercial Director- £68,000 - £139,000
  2. Marketing Manager- £24,000 - £61,000
  3. Brand Manager- £31,000 - £56,000
  4. Marketing Executive- £21,000 - £30,000
  5. Digital Marketing Manager- £31,000 - £65,000


As a Dentist in the UK earns one an attractive salary. The student needs to complete a five-year degree in Dentistry and can earn an annual salary of £67,613. Nevertheless, based on where the student works, he/she can earn upto £218,619 or higher. As a Dentist, you can either work for the NHS, or run your personal dental clinic. One working at the NHS or in community dental services as a paid dentist, can earn around £40,629-£86,900. As a consultant in dental specialities in NHS trust hospitals, you can get paid £79,860 to £107,668. This, however, depends on the number of years one has spent in the consultant grade.

In addition to the above, other highly paid jobs in the UK include those of a Psychiatrist, Data Scientist, Enterprise Architect etc.

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Top Jobs in the UK in 2022

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