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Why Study MBA in Canada?

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most famous programs that students and professionals are attracted to. An MBA degree is a gateway to flourishing in business and various other avenues. Canada is known to be an International hub for aspiring students looking to do an MBA.

Study in Canada

Top Reasons to Study MBA in Canada: -

Here is the list of the 4 best reasons to study an MBA in Canada for international students:

Affordable Fees

Compared to other International destinations like UK, USA and Australia, The average tuition cost in Canada for an MBA program costs somewhere in the bracket of CAD $30,000 - $40,000. This fee structure is more affordable for Canada as compared to other countries.

Quality Education

The quality of education in Canada is one of the highest in the world. Most Canadian MBA colleges and universities are preferred options because of their high quality learning experience that the students receive through the updated curriculum.

A Value for your Money

An MBA degree though a bit pricey is considered an investment by the individual as it yields the best results. MBA programs are a value for money. This is because the program assures every student that they will get back a full return on their investment.

Global Ranking

Business Schools and Universities offering an MBA degree in Canada, all have global rankings among the best. These rankings assure the best education to the students. These rankings are given by a well recognized number of organizations that specialize in the field of education.

Requirements to Study MBA in Canada: -

Some of the basic requirements to apply and study in MBA programs are:

Bachelor's degree

The student or professional should have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university or institution.

Work experience

Most Universities in Canada require, while some prefer that the applicant should have relevant prior work experience as universities give preference to those who have work experience. It is not a compulsory requirement, but it gives applicants a preference over other applicants.

English Language Proficiency

If applicants belong to non-native English speaking countries, they are required to prove their English language proficiency. They need to secure an IELTS score of 6.5 with no band less than 6 or TOEFL score of 95, which is variable from university to university, to secure admission.

GMAT Score

A good GMAT score is required to get into one of the top university/college for the MBA program in Canada. MBA schools in Canada usually require an average GMAT score of 550 but is variable between 500 and 600. Higher the score, the better the university.

Scope and Benefits of Studying an MBA in Canada: -

An MBA degree can open up new avenues and opportunities with an improved skill set that will help you excel in the workplace. The possibilities are endless. A few benefits that come with an MBA degree are:

An Opportunity to Network

MBA faculties across Canada mostly comprise of well renowned Professors, Thinkers and Personalities. The MBA program also has a number of guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields. Each student gets an opportunity to officially interact with these speakers and have them share their wealth of experience and knowledge. This is an excellent opportunity to network and create lasting professional relationships.

Personal Benefits

An MBA degree challenges students and individuals to adapt and learn new skills to be better at what they do and the ability to work under pressure is something that the person automatically develops because of the environment. The MBA focuses on producing the best future managers. The activities that the students will be involved with will force interactions with people and, in turn, help them grow as persons. An MBA gives you a higher qualification which is directly correlated to getting a bigger salary package. This significantly boosts the standard of living for most applicants. If the salary and overall career improvement potential of the MBA aren’t enough to convince you to enrol, perhaps the reported personal development that the course provides will be.


Top 6 MBA Universities in Canada:

Edwise has a long standing tie up and partnership with each of these universities and this provides students the best opportunity to study in Canada. They are:

Concordia University

Offers a full-time & part-time MBA which is known for its practicality because of its flexibility in every possible way as it allows students to choose the time batch in which they are comfortable in. The faculty looks at their management practices from an interdisciplinary perspective, molding students to the standards that employers want.

Brock University

The Goodman MBA is nationally recognized for its comprehensive curriculum, real-world approach and exceptional student support. This is specifically designed to help students excel in the academic program and enhance old while learning new leadership skills.

Lakehead University

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Lakehead University offers a part time and full time option to accommodate the schedules that prospective students may have such as work. It is also a general degree carefully curated to prepare students for success in a wide range of careers in management.

Thompson Rivers University

TRU also offers a flexible program provisions to study full-time or part-time, on campus or online. Their Bridge to Business program provides a base for networking and collaboration opportunities with local businesses Students from a business administration background are given the option to complete their MBA course in one year.

University of Manitoba

The Asper MBA offers a program that aims to equip its students with the knowledge, skills and experience to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. The course offered is unique because of its experiential approach to learning. Discussions and debates made to challenge students with real issues and develop tangible solutions for businesses in Manitoba and across the globe to help them think critically and perform accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key advantages of pursuing an MBA in Canada compared to other countries?

MBA degree in Canada has many advantages as compared to other nations, which can be seen below:

  • Practical training
  • Good quality education
  • Networking opportunities
  • Post-study work opportunities
  • Safe and inclusive environment
  • Affordable Fees
  • Immigration Pathways

How does the curriculum and structure of MBA programs in Canada differ from those in other regions?

MBA in Canada has a different curriculum for different regions within Canada. Despite this, the difference would be found in factors like duration of the program, specialisation, co-operative programs, post-study work opportunities, integration of technology, collaborative learning environment and global ranking and accreditation.

Are there specific industries or sectors in Canada that make pursuing an MBA particularly advantageous?

MBA programs in Canada have various Advantages across sectors, or those sectors that are prominent in the Canadian economy, including Finance, Technology and Innovation, Natural Resources, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Consulting, Real Estate and Construction, Consumer Goods and Retail.

What is the job market like for MBA graduates in Canada, and how does it compare internationally?

MBA program in Canada has a huge job market and is globally recognised across the globe. The job market for MBA programs in Canada has a major scope in cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. The various positions are available in finance, consulting, technology, healthcare, manufacture and a lot more. Canada allows its international students to work post-studies. This makes it easier for the students to gain international exposure. In addition, the salary package is as per the industry standards. The work-experience in the Canadian firm will be in favour of work-life balance, diversity, inclusion, and great opportunities for professional and personal development.

Can international students easily find employment opportunities in Canada after completing their MBA?

MBA in Canada for Indian students is globally recognised by many nations. Employment opportunities for students are available for students during and post their studies. The employment opportunities in Canada depend on various factors like skillset, networking and job search, language proficiency, employer sponsorship and immigration programs.

Are there scholarship or financial aid options available for international students pursuing an MBA in Canada?

Best universities in Canada for MBA offer scholarships or financial aid options for all their eligible international students. MBA courses in Canada for Indian students include scholarships like Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program, Rotman School of Management Scholarship, Schulich School of Business Scholarships.

Sauder School of Business Scholarships, Alberta MBA Scholarships, Haskayne MBA Scholarships, Ivey MBA Scholarships.

What is the average duration and cost of an MBA in Canada?

Affordable MBA abroad for Indian students can be found in Canada. MBA in Canada for international students is of two types: full-time and part-time. Full-time MBA-Programmes in Canada have a duration of 12 to 24 months. Whereas the part-time MBA is specially designed for working professionals. Part-time MBA-Programme have a duration of 24 to 36 months. Also, there are online MBA programs in Canada which can again be divided in full-time and part-time online MBAs, which has a duration of 12 months to 3 years, depending on the type of online MBA.

MBA in Canada for Indian students: Fees range from CAD 10,000–CAD 35,000.

Are there specific criteria or exams that international students need to meet for MBA admission in Canada?

MBA requirements in Canada are required from students, in order to gain admission in a university. Some of the requirements for studying in top MBA colleges in Canada for Indian students can be seen below:

  • MBA courses in Canada for international students usually requires the students to have a Bachelor-s-degree from a recognised institution with minimum GPA-Requirements.
  • A relevant work experience of 2 to 5 years in a managerial or professional role. This should be a full-time role.
  • Standardised test scores of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), or PTE (Pearson Test of English) are required.
  • MBA colleges in Canada require applicants to submit Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose or Essay, Resume/ CV along with other documents at the time of admission.
  • Some MBA-Programmes in Canada want the student to demonstrate the scores of GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores as part of the admission process.
  • Also, interviews might be a part of the admissions process. The interview can be via videoconferencing, phone call or face-to-face.

What support services are available for international students, both academically and personally, during their MBA in Canada?

MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian students offers support services to all its international students at both personal and academic level. The various services include International Student Advising, Academic Support Centres, Career Services, Student Counselling Services, Diversity and Inclusion Programs, Student Health Services, Housing Assistance, Orientation Programs and Language Support Services.

Student Associations and Clubs.

Are there language proficiency requirements for non-English-speaking students applying for MBA programs in Canada?

MBA courses in Canada require students to demonstrate a score of standardised proficiency tests. While applying for an MBA in Canada, there are standardised tests that are commonly accepted in all the universities of Canada. The tests include Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Pearson Test of English (PTE).

Is an MBA in Canada more affordable than other top destinations?

The Cost of studying MBA in Canada is considered to be more economical or affordable than studying in other major nations like UK, Australia or the USA However, the living cost and the optional tuition fees would be lower, as compared to their counterparts in other nations. While applying for a MBA in Canada, factors such as scholarships, eligibility, exchange rates and future career opportunities should be considered. MBA in Canada for Indian students Fees range from CAD 10,000–CAD 35,000.

Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University’s Master of Business Administration offers students a dynamic global environment to learn different skills from students that come from all over the world in an intensive, rewarding, globally focused and highly acclaimed inclusive 14- or 16-month program.

Student Testimonials:

I had a great experience at Edwise. It has provided me with the best university which is just perfect for me.

Name - Yashashvi Bharani
Country - Canada
University - University of Manitoba

It was a very good experience with the highly co-operative counselors. Always ready to develop bright futures for students who want to study overseas.

Name - Abhijeet Kantilal Bhaskar
Country - Canada
University - Thompson Rivers University

Excellent and very friendly. Ready to help in all circumstances.

Name - Edgar John Borges
Country - Canada
University - Concordia University

Edwise Overseas Education Consultant

We at Edwise streamline and personalize the process for each student irrespective of the destination, institution, course or any level of study. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you individual attention and exceptional guidance throughout your process of application. We provide assistance related to course selections, admission, visa, bank-loan and scholarships. We also host University delegates for direct student interaction and all these services are provided free of cost. We have established since 1991 and have been maintaining strong networks with over 725 universities in 16 countries, hence giving us a unique insight into the finest educational establishments worldwide.

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