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PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English Academic referred to as the PTE-Academic, is completely a computer-based test. The PTE academic test evaluates the Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing abilities of non- native speakers of English. The said examination is given by those who need to demonstrate their academic English capability-often to obtain admission at English- speaking universities, higher education institutions, or as proof of their language ability for a visa application. PTE Academic test is accepted for student visas & immigration in USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand

There exist three types of PTE examinations, which are namely the PTE Academic, PTE Academic UKVI, PTE Academic online and PTE home

Pupils looking to make applications to study abroad / work abroad appear for the PTE academic test. The test is conducted to examine the fluency in the English language. To be able to appear for the said examination, the candidate must be at least 18 years or older. However, in the case that the student is below the age of 18, they will be required to produce a consent letter from their parent or guardian.

The PTE Academic Test Format is divided into 3 Parts namely Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening. In the Speaking and Writing section wherein the student has to give a self-introductory speech, which is untimed and not assessed followed by the speaking and writing tasks. Followed by a Reading section. Lastly, the students are required to appear for the Listening section. The total duration of the test is 2 hours.

The PTE academic test score results are valid for a period of 2 years.

Graded on a scale ranges between 10-90. Our PTE training ensures that the students are able to perform to the best of their abilities and meet the required admission criteria. The scores students are required to attain depends on the level of study, course, and university under consideration. The results for the PTE test are available within 5 working days.

Through the years, universities in UK, a growing number of universities in USA & Canada, study in Singapore are accepting PTE Academic test score results. It is best to check with our counselors to understand the score requirements.

International Students can also appear for the PTE Academic test if they wish to study in Australia, New Zealand since all the universities / Institutes accept the same. It is also accepted by the Immigration Australia & New Zealand for all student visa applications.

The PTE test preparation services at Edwise as India's leading overseas education consultants offers 30 hours of comprehensive and intensive training in both online and offline with flexible batches.


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