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Test Prep-Duolingo

Duolingo English Test


Duolingo English Test is a computer based English proficiency test which assesses the test taker's Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills. The test is administered using computer adaptive technology, meaning that the question difficulty adapts to each test taker. The test also integrates a video interview and writing sample, which are not graded, but are sent to the institution along with your proficiency score when you report your results. 


What is the Difference between IELTS / PTE / TOEFL/Duolingo ?+
What modules do Duolingo include?+
How many mock tests does Edwise provide?+
Will the courseware be given by Edwise or we need to buy?+
How many hours of coaching is given for Duolingo?+
Does Edwise assist for registration and payments for the exams?+
How many times can I take Duolingo English Test?+
In how many days we can receive the results and scores for Duolingo?+
What is the cost of score reporting for Duolingo ?+
Is Basic English Grammar included in Coaching?+
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