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A world-renowned admission test GMAT Focus Edition or Graduate Management Admission Test is required to be given by those candidates who are desirous of taking admission to Graduate Management programs at management education institutions throughout the world. The GMAT exam is designed to help graduate schools of business assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced study in business and management. GMAT exam scores are used by more than 3,000 graduate management programs throughout the world and is also accepted by selected Indian B-Schools.

A computer adaptive test, it assesses the knowledge the candidate has gained through his years of education. It curates the next question based on the response the candidate has given to an earlier asked question. Another distinctive feature of the GMAT exam is the fact that students cannot go back to a previously answered question. Therefore, students have to be extremely attentive when appearing for the said examination. Our GMAT coaching services prepare students for all three sections. These sections include Data Insight, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal.

The test is scored out of a total of 800, and as the best institute for GMAT preparation, we ensure that each student harnesses their potential, in an attempt to reach that good score of 650+. Your GMAT score is valid for a duration of 5 years, and you can appear for a reattempt for up to 5 times in any 12-month period, but no more than once in any 16-day period.

One of the best institutes for GMAT preparation, our expert faculty train the students on how to ace this exam, within the stipulated time of 2 hours and 15 mins.

The GMAT exam is an entry requirement for certain programs as mentioned earlier at specific study destinations. For instance, Business programs in the USA require their applicants to possess noteworthy GMAT scores. Most AMBA-accredited Universities in UK requirements will include GMAT scores. Moreover, some universities in Australia ask for the GMAT exam to assess the overall ability of the student.

When looking to crack the GMAT exam an important factor to consider is that candidates generally find it difficult to answer all the questions in the allotted time which is the prominent reason for losing marks. This issue can be generally solved by timing yourself and giving yourself 5 minutes less than the allotted time when you solve the questions for practice.


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