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Test Prep-TOEFL-preparation

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL Preparation)

TOEFL Preparation

Test of English as a Foreign Language, popularly known as the TOEFL is a standardized English proficiency test that assesses the English Language skills of a student. The TOEFL training offered at Edwise, harnesses the student's skills in the areas of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, which are examined in the test. Candidates who wish to study at an undergraduate or graduate level are required to take the TOEFL to demonstrate their English proficiency skills. The test is offered 30-40 times a year and is accepted by all Institutions in the USA & Canada and some Institutions in  New Zealand & UK. The TOEFL coaching services offered at Edwise provides 30 hours of comprehensive and intensive training. With a well-stocked library and extensive branch network, we ensure that our students are able to achieve the best possible scores. Our TOEFL test preparation focuses on enhancing the scores of students in each section.

The exam is scored out of a total of 120, with every section being scored between a scale of 0-30 with a 1-point increment.

Students must possess English language proficiency to study in USA and thus can appear for the TOEFL to fulfil these criteria. A TOEFL score of 70-80 for Undergraduate studies and 80-90 for Postgraduate studies is considered decent. Selected universities in UK, also accept the TOEFL. Canadian institutions, on the other hand, expect fluency in the English language and a TOEFL score of 80 and above for undergraduate programs and 90 and above for postgraduation programs is desirable.  Undergraduate courses seek a score of 79, whilst postgraduate courses seek a score of 90 in a student's application. If students wish to succeed in universities in New Zealand, they must be equipped with strong English Language proficiency, and thus, TOEFL scores are accepted.

Students should give themselves ample time to prepare, it is generally said that three to six months of study time is required for students to give the test. However, this time frame can vary according to one's English language skills and time they would require to prepare for the test.

Edwise offers comprehensive TOEFL training services to students looking to attain desirable scores.


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