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How About Pursuing MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK?

June 2023

Like the USA, Canada, Australia etc., the UK is one of the most sought after study overseas destination. The country is home to top ranking colleges and universities that experience the influx of a large number of international students, including many Indians each year. The UK is home to some of the oldest universities in the world that date back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Universities in UK are renowned for their academic standards. Courses in UK are offered across various fields of study: Accounting and Finance, Public Health, Food Science, Economics etc. Among these, Healthcare Management is one popular course.

The global healthcare industry is growing quickly owing to demographic shifts, medical and scientific developments, and technological advancements. It also has a specific diversity in terms of enterprises and organisations, which is impacted in part by evolving customer tastes. One of those countries that has made strides in healthcare management is the United Kingdom. Many individuals who are interested in studying an MBA abroad now prefer to study in UK. The UK is regarded as a good location for students wishing to pursue a degree in healthcare management because of its wide variety of healthcare organisations and reputation for quality. The MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK is for a duration of 1 to 2 years, the cost of which is approximately 20742.62 GBP (INR 20,00,000) annually. Solid professional foundations and job opportunities are offered by the MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK. Elective courses allow students to develop a thorough understanding of topics critical to the global healthcare sector, in addition to obtaining practical business skills. The duration of the MBA in Hospital Management in the UK is 1 year and includes coursework in epidemiology, health economics, public health theory and practice, healthcare services, and statistics.

mba in healthcare management in uk

Healthcare Management in the UK: Program Summary and Curriculum

Students who wish to study how to work in public health and healthcare management might consider the MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK. Risk Management and Governance, Project Management, and Global Health Ethics are the elective modules in the course. It’s core topics include International Development and Health, Marketing Management, Global Burden of Disease, Managing Strategic Change, Health Systems and Policies, and Issues in Human Resource Management.

Pursuing MBA in Hospital Administration in the UK: Eligibility Requirements

The necessary eligibility requirements and standards in order to study an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management in the UK are as mentioned below:

Academic Qualifications

A 2:1 undergraduate degree requires students to have a minimum of 55-75%. Universities in UK may also accept applicants with a 2:1 degree and five or more years of work experience.

Test results for English Language Proficiency

For an MBA in hospital management in the UK, international applicants must submit their IELTS, TOEFL, or comparable English proficiency exam scores. An IELTS band of 7-7.5, or PTE score of 62, or a score of 100-120 in the TOEFL exam is the minimal test score criteria for English language studies in the UK.

GRE/GMAT Test Scores

The leading UK universities for hospital management require GMAT or GRE grades. A GRE and GMAT score of 300-320, and 600 respectively, are required.

Professional Experience

Students pursuing Master's or MBA courses at universities in UK may be required to possess work experience. An advantage would be having worked for three to four years.

Student Visa to Study in UK

In addition to fulfilling the admission requirements, obtaining a student visa for the country you wish to study in is one of the essential conditions for studying abroad. A UK student visa typically takes three weeks to process. However, occasionally it could take longer.

Mandatory Documentation For An MBA in Health Management in the UK

For admission to UK universities for healthcare management, one is required to submit the following documents:

  • Academic Marksheets
  • Resume
  • Valid Passport
  • Essays
  • Recommendation Letters
  • SOP i.e. Statement of Purpose
  • Evidence of Financial Capability

Pursuing MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management in the UK: Cost For Indian Students

The largest expense incurred when studying abroad is the tuition fee. An MBA in Hospital Administration in the UK typically costs about 25,300 GBP (INR 14,48,877) per year.

Living Expenses

You can manage your finances more effectively if you are familiar with the cost of living in the UK. In the UK, the typical annual cost of living for students is about 2,500 GBP (INR 2,39,163). The entire cost of your MBA in the UK will include tuition fees, housing, health insurance, travel, living expenses, and other incidentals.

Leading UK universities offering MBAs in Healthcare Management

The UK is home to some of the world's top educational facilities, with the majority of its universities placing highly in international university rankings. On the basis of their QS World Rankings 2023, here are some of the top UK universities where you can pursue an MBA in Healthcare Management program.

  1. The University of Edinburgh: With a 2023 QS Ranking of 15, The University of Edinburgh offers a one-year MBA in Global Health Policy, the cost of which is 25,300 GBP (INR 24,39,421.78).
  2. King's College London: King's College London, with a 37 QS Ranking 2023, offers the MBA in Global Health. The course duration is 1 year, and costs 29,000 GBP (INR 27,96,175.17).
  3. University of Warwick: The Master's in Healthcare Operational Management (HOM) program at the University of Warwick, with a 2023 QS Ranking of 64 is for a duration of 2 years. This program costs 29,000 GBP (INR 28,01,162.78) annually.
  4. University of Southampton: At the University of Southampton with a 78 QS Ranking 2023, students can pursue the MBA in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care, a one-year program with an annual tuition fees of 25,400 GBP (INR 24,49,063.77).
  5. University of Glasgow: The University of Glasgow stands at 81 in the QS Ranking 2023. Here, the one-year MBA in Health Services Management with an annual program fees of 23,000 GBP (22,17,656.77 INR) is offered.

Scholarships offered to International Students pursuing an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management in the UK

The UK government provides numerous forms of financial assistance to encourage students to pursue a Master's in Healthcare Administration/Management degree. Scholarships and personal loans are the two most popular types of financial aid. Several well-known UK scholarships are available to Indian students who want to pursue an MSC or MBA in Healthcare Management at UK universities. These include: Chevening Scholarship, Rhodes scholarship, Think Big Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship, Gates Cambridge Scholarship, Vidal Health Scholarship, and Cambridge Masters Studentship.

Employment Opportunities in the UK after a Master's in Healthcare Management

Several famous private and public healthcare centres, hospitals, and institutes have centralised in the capital city of the UK, London, as well as other significant cities. Therefore, after earning an MBA in Healthcare Administration in the UK, finding a job is not too difficult. The NHS, WHO, the Greenwich Council, and Global Data, are some of the leading employers of these graduates in the UK. Hospitals, national health services, healthcare institutions, community health services, non-profit organisations, insurance firms, etc. are some other general employers in the nation that provide jobs in healthcare management in the UK. After pursuing a Master's in Healthcare Management in the UK, students can take up jobs such as that of a Healthcare Administrator, Medical Practice Manager, Hospital Manager or CEO, Biostatistician, Medical Superintendent, Healthcare Consultant, Hospital Operations Executive, Public Health Educator, and Healthcare Finance Manager.

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MBA in healthcare management in uk universities

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