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Study Abroad Guide

Steps to study an MBA abroad

The Masters of Business Administration, is a postgraduate course undertaken by enthusiasts of the business world who look to enhance their knowledge in the corporate world.

An increasing number of students now pursue an MBA to become forerunners in the business field and have an upper hand over the pool of aspirants. Pursuing an MBA is increasingly becoming an interdisciplinary course, with a varied nature of specializations being offered. An increasing number of students now look to pursue an MBA abroad.

Apart from one's own inclinations, the ranking of university, faculty and the academic culture are determining factors in deciding the area of specialization when undertaking overseas education. The career service it promises to future managers makes it an alluring field of study. There are several MBA colleges abroad that experience the enrolment of international students each year.

A prospective field of study, there are certain steps you need to undertake to be able to study MBA abroad:


Picking your MBA Degree

Before you commence the other stages of your application process, the first thing that students are required to do, is select their area of specialisation. There are several mba universities abroad that offer an ambit of specialisations for students to choose from. One of the most sought-after specializations, a degree in Marketing equips the student to be able to differentiate the product in today's competitive market. Furthermore, it enables the aspirants to create a niche market for the product. According to a recent survey, a large number of MBA graduates also specialize in Finance. The high paying packages, along with the thrilling nature of the job, act as huge attracting factors to its pursuant. Due, to its importance in the firm, a Human Resource degree especially from mba colleges abroad is highly sought after and offers high job security. A degree in Operations Management, enables one to manage manufacturing or service systems. Consulting is a high-profile paying job which is sought after by individuals. A degree in Information Systems will enable the pursuant to manage an e-commerce business or provide aid in the field of IT. An International Business major will enable an individual to participate in international trade, enabling them to work at a global platform. An Entrepreneurship degree will enable one to develop skills to launch a business.

Adhering to Requirements

Pursuing mba courses abroad requires students to fulfill certain requirements in order to be eligible for the same.

After you have selected your course, pursuing an mba abroad for Indian students requires them to look at their entry requirements, it is important that you make sure you reach their academic requirements as well as their professional work requirements. Take a note of the fees and deadlines, to ensure that you adhere to the same.

Preparing Application Documents

The next stage of the application process, is getting your application documents in order. These include your transcripts, which highlights your academic portfolio and elaborates on the subjects studied. Mba universities abroad use these transcripts to assess the academic strengths of its aspirants. Another major component of your application to study an MBA includes your Resume. This is used by the universities to understand your professional credentials. This acts as your unique selling point and can help show the business school why you are a great fit for them. The next crucial element in your documentation is the essay or Statement of Purpose. This is an essay that highlights both your academic, professional and other strengths to the university. This is an excellent medium through which the applicant can sell themselves to the admissions committee. All the elements that you thought were necessary but couldn't add in your CV can be put in this document. Lastly, Recommendation Letters hold immense significance in the application process. Academic as well as professional letters of recommendations may be required by mba colleges abroad which highlight your strength. Make sure that you select the person to write your letters carefully. Not only should they know you for a long time, but also have positive things to say about your application. Give them enough time to curate your letter and make sure that you adapt your letters according to the university under consideration.

Preparing and Appearing for Entrance Tests

To study an MBA abroad, best mba colleges abroad for indian students require them to appear for entrance exams, these include either the GRE or GMAT, depending on the university under consideration. Likewise, the scores required for the exams are also dependent on the university under consideration. To be able to study abroad, students are required to appear for English proficiency tests such as the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE. This allows the university to assess the applicant's English communication skills.

Making the Application

Now that you have everything sorted, the next thing left for you to do is making the application. Make sure that you adhere to the deadline. In some cases, students are also required to give an interview, which helps the university assess their skills.

An MBA degree provides high returns on investment, the salary perks enjoyed will easily reimburse the tuition costs students incurred.

FAQs: Study an MBA Abroad

What are the advantages of pursuing an MBA abroad?

Pursuing an MBA abroad has several advantages. Listed below are a few of the many advantages:

  • Knowledge of the World Market
  • Develop Effective Communication Techniques
  • Choose from the diverse specializations offered
  • Study at top-ranking universities and infrastructure of the highest calibre
  • Superior managerial and leadership abilities
  • Acquire practical experience
  • Build a global network
  • Outstanding career prospects
  • Inexpensive tuition fees in some countries
  • Create a global business

What is the average length of a normal MBA program when studied abroad?

The typical length of a full-time MBA program is one to two years. Depending on your needs, you can pick from a number of programs that are offered online, on-campus, full-time, and part-time.

Is prior work experience required to enrol in an MBA program abroad?

To pursue an MBA overseas, work experience is required. Nevertheless, certain business schools, do not absolutely require work experience. The University of West London, HEC Paris, INSEAD, Brock University, and other institutions do not require work experience for MBA students who choose to study abroad.

For international students doing an MBA overseas, are scholarships available?

For overseas students who desire to study this highly sought-after degree program, there are several academic institutions across the world that provide MBA scholarships.

Which nations are popular for MBA study abroad?

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. New Zealand
  4. Ireland
  5. The UK
  6. The USA

Despite the fact that English is not my first language, can I enrol in an MBA program abroad?

If you're a non-native English speaker who wants to pursue a degree in an English-speaking nation, you'll almost certainly need to demonstrate your language skills by taking a test like the TOEFL or IELTS. Other language learners might need to take comparable exams.


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