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Everything you need to know about Dublin

November 2022

Dublin is one of the most beautiful cities in Ireland. It is called the heart of Ireland with excellent amenities and activities for students. Dublin is a multicultural city because people here are very friendly and love celebration. It is ranked in the Top 10 Best Cities to Study Abroad in Europe. It is praised for its fascinating culture, history, architecture along with the food and hot drinks.

Everything you need to know about Dublin

Here is the list of everything you need to know about Dublin.

1. Courses: In Dublin, students get benefits from the broadest possible education, academic excellence, top-notch quality equipment, and many student facilities. Dublin also provides short and evening courses for students. The short-term courses are in the field of health science, information science, social work, and history. The top 5 courses that are trending in Dublin are Business Analytics, Investment Banking and Finance, Big Data or Data Science, Pharmaceutical Science, and Construction. Other than this Dublin offers every type of course from engineering to music and multimedia.

2. Career: Dublin is one of the business competitive cities. Dublin's historic place is now the home of financial and tech companies. There are more than 500 multinational companies including Google, Facebook, Accenture, and Twitter. Due to pandemics, many organizations in the world have gone through lots of huddles, the only field which is resilient is the tech industry. Other than this, there is a wide scope in sales- account manager and business developer, marketing, content writers, multilingual professional, insurance, financial services, and automobile engineers.

3. Students' life in Dublin: The cost of living for students in Dublin can be high but there are lots of advantages offered to students. The city is home to amazing museums and galleries, many of which are free of cost. The nightlife in Dublin is very lively, some universities and colleges have their cafes, restaurants, canteen as well as bars. Apart from these Dublin has 26% of gardens and parks. People in Dublin are foodie people, they host food festivals many times a year, therefore, students will have a chance to eat different types of delicacies throughout the year.

4. Universities: The universities also have a variety of sports and clubs where students can get to know other students who share the same interest. Dublin is the largest city in Ireland, and choosing this city to study doesn't mean one must have to stay in the city for the duration of the course. That is because Ireland is a small country and one can easily travel to Dublin from any corner of the country. It is home to many excellent universities. The most famous college here is Trinity College of Dublin and University College Dublin. Trinity College Dublin is renowned for its courses in Law, Humanities, and Literature. It also researches Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, English, Psychology, Politics, and Immunology. It has a challenging as well as supporting academic environment. The faculties at Trinity encourage students to discover, grow and be independent. University College Dublin is another famous college that also has many clubs and societies. They also have on-campus medical, psychology, and psychiatric services. For graduate students, UCD has 300 rooms on campus.

There are also other prestigious universities in Dublin which are renowned for their world-class education. Along with the education, these universities have beautiful campuses too.

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Study in Dublin

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