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Why Study in UK- A Student Paradise

The United Kingdom offers to your qualifications that are acknowledged and regarded internationally. Universities in UK are few of the oldest established education institutions which look to provide an underpinning for expertise needed to attain success in the globalised world. Humongous number of students like you decide to study in UK and the same can be attributed to a variety of reasons, however to truly understand how education in UK will benefit you, look no further.

The below mentioned benefits of studying in UK, will bring to light the attributes that UK as a study destination holds.

Why Study in UK

International Qualifications

The diverse number of specializations ensures that you will find a course which will cater your passions, ambitions, and interests. The alumni from universities in UK include some of the greatest thinkers, business tycoons and politicians. These tycoons have not only had influence over the world but have also made positive contributions to the society. Famous personalities such as Bill Clinton, Wole Soyinka and Mahatma Gandhi have attained education in UK.

Contemporary Learning Environment

In today’s globalised era, where competition is over the roof and you are looking to stand out from the crowd, studying in UK will help you achieve just that. Attributes of independence, creativity and effectiveness will be harnessed in you. You will be given information and are then expected to stimulate original thinking. The utilization of these teaching and assessment methods will not only encourage independence but also enable you to master the subject.

Quality Education

The relevant skills taught to you are highly marketable and sought by employers. Because the quality of education provided in UK is revered across the globe the quality of education offered is impeccable. Academic support, personal tutors, academic and professional counsellors will be made available to you to ensure a smooth university experience. Not only academics but social activities are also given prominence, therefore international students societies, social activities and clubs are organized to give impetus to networking opportunities. Having the best academic standards globally, few of the top-rated universities in UK are recognized internationally and rank amongst the top universities in the world.


You can attain a wide range of discount facilities which are accessed through the National Union of Students. Not only this but many bursaries and scholarships are offered by universities in UK. Due to this, the odds of you realising your earning potential sooner are higher.


You are not only met with a diverse and stable social environment but with a range of institutions, subjects, and academic areas. The program structure is also flexible in nature, ensuring your convenience.


The society in the UK is multicultural by being a home to innumerable nationalities and ethnic groups from around the world. A liberal and sturdy society, you get the opportunity to learn and interact with a wide range of individuals.


When compared to other study destinations, the duration of Courses in UK is shorter. Undergraduate programs are for three years whilst postgraduate programs are for a year.

Health Benefits

As an international student you can avail free medical treatment through the National Health Service by paying the International Health Surcharge.

Gateway to Europe

Studying in the UK will give you the opportunity to work, travel and experience Europe. This is made possible as all major European countries are within the peripheral of UK. The affordable and easy connectivity makes it easier for you to travel to other European countries.

Work Opportunities

You can work upto 20 hours a week during the course duration and full time during course breaks. You can expect to approximately earn £375-£525 per month during the term. This will not only help you recover your cost but also undertake new experiences.

Interesting Attributes about the United Kingdom

• The British drink over 165 million cups of tea everyday.
• The UK has the highest rate of obesity in Europe.
• In the UK, accents change in every 40 km.
• It is illegal to die in the House of Parliament.
• The Queen has no passport.
• The Windsor Castle is the oldest royal residence.
• London has more Indian restaurants than Delhi or Mumbai.
• Successive occupants have utilized their own names for London such as Lundenwic, Plowonida.


Student Testimonials:

Initially, the work was quite tedious but my counselor handled everything very smoothly and made the procedure extremely simple.

Name - Abhinav Dawer
Country - UK
University - Manchester Metropolitian

I am very satisfied with my experience with Edwise. My counselor helped me at every step of the application, until actually getting the offer.

Name - Shivam Agarwal
Country - UK
University - University of Southampton

It was really wonderful. Edwise counselor arranged everything to my convenience.

Name - Asmita Jain
Country - UK
University - King's College London

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