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Study Abroad UK - Top Benefits Of Studying In The UK

September 2021

The education system in the UK is world renowned. There are universities in UK that are ranked in the best universities in the world while some are established since 12th or 13th centuries. UK is the only European Continent that holds the oldest history even universities. Coming from such a strong legacy It has a flexible system which means students can study in a way that suits their lifestyle and career aspiration. Study in UK allows students a valuable benefit. It is a chance to experience a new culture, dunk into the English language and explore the countryside of the UK.

When choosing a course to study in UK, the first step is to figure out what stage you are at, what you want to do, which course to select and finally what you want to achieve from the selected course. There are more than 40,000 Indian students choose UK as their study destination. UK is known for its research excellence. It is also known as the cosmopolitan country.

Here are some of the benefits of studying in UK which will favour your future path.

Study in UK

  • Work while studying: UK allows students to study as well as to work at the same time. They can work for up to 20 hours per week during lectures time and full-time during breaks. This will benefit students to gain industrial experience as well as in paying their bills.
  • Quality of Education: There is an independent body in UK that regularly assesses the education system of UK. This body is called as The Quality Assurance Agency.
  • The teaching and study methods used in the UK allow students to be creative and develop skills and confidence.
  • There are more than 400 universities and colleges in UK, many are in the top colleges and universities ranking.
  • Courses in UK are short and intense that means students will graduate sooner without compromising on quality of education.
  • Countries like France, Netherland and Belgium are connected to the UK, students can explore places while pursuing their course.
  • International students have access to free medical treatments while completing course in the UK through National Health Services.
  • The capital of UK, has the largest library in the world.

University - Cardiff University
Student Name - Philip
Description - Edwise has been very helpful in selecting course, preparing my documents, paper work and all the process. Thank you Edwise for making all the process easy.

University - INTO Manchester
Student Name - Aisha Patel
Description - Edwise has been very helpful in selecting course, preparing my documents, paper work and all the process. Thank you Edwise for making all the process easy

University - Kingston University
Student Name - Roshini
Description - Edwise has been very supportive from time I decided to pursue my Masters in the UK. My counsellor has been a key catalyst in securing an admission in the desired field of study. She has been very informative and helpful throughout the application and visa process. All credits to her for boosting my confidence and helping me achieve my goals.

University - INTO Manchester
Student Name - Aisha Patel
Description - I found about Edwise through their fairs and this is one of the best consulting services and my counsellor was very friendly, helpful and informative. Very good service provided by Edwise.

University - Manchester Metropolitan University
Student Name - Ankita Satoor
Description - My counsellor was very helpful right from choosing University and all the process. They have guided me in every step and I thank Edwise for my UK journey.

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Courses in UK

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