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Why Study in Canadian Universities?

December 2023

Canada is a home to several renowned universities. Most of the universities offer the best education in the world. Most of the students are from across the globe. Canada is a nation that is known for its high-quality education that also has great career prospects. The Canadian education system is competitive in nature and gaining a degree from one of the universities would be recognised globally. The education system encourages the students to pursue multidisciplinary studies. This provides the best technological means to pursue an excellent education.

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Aspects that need to be looked into

Canada is a home to some of the reputed institutions. Right from the academic programmes to the environment, Canada provides good facilities in terms of education to its students. Here are some factors that can be considered while studying abroad:

University rankings

Canada is one of the top countries about education, life expectancy, national income, and quality of life. Being one of the safest countries in the world, Canada is known for its standard of living and study in the world ranked universities. In addition, the universities in Canada assure the best quality teaching. There are Canadian universities that are ranked highly and come under the top 300 universities in the world. The Canadian universities are ranked based on academic reputation, employability, acceptance rate, student-teacher ratio, industry approach and the international outreach.

Entrance requirements

There are different universities that have different entrance requirements for the specific course of study. The common requirements set by the Canadian universities are as follows:

 Undergraduate programme  Postgraduate programme  Doctorate programme
 English proficiency tests (a minimum score should be demonstrated)  English proficiency tests (a minimum score should be demonstrated)  English proficiency tests (a minimum score should be demonstrated)
 Good academic grades in school  Good academic grades in bachelor’s degree  Good academic grades in academics
 Work experience- depends on the university requirements and the course  Full-time work experience of atleast 2 years  Work experience- depends on the university requirements and the course
 Flexible admission  Demonstration of published work or portfolio  Flexible admission


Before choosing the University of Study, it is necessary to consider the proximity of the university in terms of travel. In addition, it is essential to check other factors like rent, cost, transportation facilities, food, cost of living, etc.

Cost of education

The cost of education is one of the crucial aspects that must be considered while choosing the right university in Canada. This includes tuition fees along with associated expenses that affects the financial situation while or after studies. The availability of student loans or financial support options for international students in Canada. In addition, a student should be aware of the terms and conditions associated with the loans (if applicable to the student). One should research about the student loans that financially support the students’ stay in Canada.

Job prospects

Many Canadian universities allow its students to work as a part-timer in order to meet their finances. There is an option of gaining job opportunities. A student can choose between on-campus and off-campus placement. However, international students are allowed to work for limited number of hours (20 hours per week). The payment for working might depend on the type of labour and the location of the company in Canada. This in turn will help one manage their finances as well as gain industry exposure along with work experience while studying.

Scholarships offered by international universities

As compared to the USA, the UK and Australia, scholarships in Canada are limited for international students. A student who has an outstanding performance in academics and a good score in English proficiency tests is eligible for scholarship in Canada. There are scholarships that are provided at the entrance level whereas some students need to display their grades subsequently. Many renowned universities in Canada provide various scholarships. The scholarship amount varies according to the university. Typically, the scholarship amount is minimum CAD 2,000 and goes up to CAD 20,000.

Best Canadian cities for education

The best cities in Canada are known for their high-quality education, good facilities and affordable cost of living and education as compared to other nations. Canada is a country that is known for its natural beauty. As per an estimation made, there are lakhs of students who migrate to Canada alone for pursuing education from some of the best cities and universities. The best Canadian cities for education are as follows:

  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa
  • Quebec City
  • Calgary

Popular degrees in Canada

Canada, one of the most preferred destination for international students, has been attracting more than 6 lakh international students per year. Canada is a country that is known for its diverse range of programmes offered at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels. Canada ranks among the top 5 destinations in the world alongside USA, UK, and Australia.

 Undergraduate  Postgraduat  Doctorate
Engineering Medicine & Healthcare Economics
Computer Science Psychology Politics
Nursing Data Science Education
Sociology Accounting Physics and Astronomy
Business Studies Public Administration Literature and Languages

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