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Famous Study Abroad Canada Cities

December 2021

Canada is one of the famous countries in the world. Besides being a natural beauty it also has the quality of education to offer to students. Every year numerous students select Canada as their study destination to avail themselves of an excellent education from the universities of Canada. Many wonders which city in Canada is the best for international students. Shifting from your home country to a new country is not easy. Adjusting and adapting to a new atmosphere is sometimes discouraging. Having adequate knowledge about a city can make things simple and easy. International students need to know the cost of living in Canada, cities of Canada, etc. This information can help them make career decisions. Canada not only has top-class universities but it also offers some fantastic advantages of the academic hotspot.

Study Abroad Canada

Here are some of the best and student-friendly cities in Canada.

Montreal: Every year around 400,000 travel to Montreal to obtain high quality of education. Many prestigious universities are located in Montreal. It is a multilingual and multicultural city that is also known as the cultural capital of Canada. The student who wants to work-time can easily find a job here. It is a most well-employed city. Every year there are around 120 annual parades and festivals celebrated in Montreal. There are more than 50 metro stations and around 200 bus lines, it will be very convenient for the students to travel around the city. It ranks 17th safest city in the world. Many students like living in Montreal is because of its culture, gastronomy, entertainment, and ethnicity. They also claim that people here are very welcoming.

Vancouver: The city is known for its spellbound natural beauty. It has a pleasant environment. It is a multicultural city with a population of Irish and Scottish immigrants. Vancouver is having a good level of personal safety. It also offers a wide range of job opportunities. The work environment is very encouraging. According to many students, Vancouver is a culturally rich city that provides world-class education along with the standard of living and career prospects. It is one of Canada's expensive cities.

Toronto: Toronto is the capital of Canada with gastronomy festivals, historical sites, and the arts. Around 150 languages are spoken here. The city is famous for its historical monuments. The offers great opportunities. It has a population of around 3 million, 17% of the international student population are here for their education. Toronto is ranked 81 percent safe. Toronto is the home of the top-ranked universities of Canada like the University of Toronto which is a big attraction of the Indian students. Toronto is ranked 34th student-friendly city in the world.

Ottawa: Ottawa has a lively and diverse student-friendly environment. The city is well known for its winter sports like skiing and skating. Around 53% are from Asia and the Middle East live in this city. It offers around 600,000 jobs to its students every year. It is one of the largest tech parks. It attracts most IT students especially students who want to pursue Computer Science because the Silicon Valley of Canada requires such professionals for the jobs. Ottawa is the safest city in Canada.

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Study Abroad Canada

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