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Why Ottawa for Education?

February 2024

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada is a home to several best institutions of the country. The universities here are highly ranked. With a student population close to a million, Ottawa becomes the fourth largest city in terms of student population. International students can pursue their academic aspirations in an amazing atmosphere in Ottawa. Many of Canada's greatest institutions and colleges often rate among the best in the nation; it is home to some of the best. Being the nation's capital, Ottawa embodies the Canadian system, as evidenced by the city's multilingual populace.

Reasons to Study in Ottawa, Canada

Reasons to pursue education in Ottawa

Here are some major reasons to study in Ottawa:

Highly ranked education institution

Ottawa is a home to several universities where students various study options. Students get a chance to explore various disciplines as the courses are available at different levels and diverse range of subjects. The city has a student population that who speak different languages.

Welcoming environment

The city of Ottawa is a multicultural environment. Approximately 25% of the residents of Canada is the student population. The city strongly influences the European traditions and cultures. This gives a unique ambiance of global education.

Affordable tuition fees and cost of living

Generally speaking, Ottawa's cost of living is reasonable when compared to other large Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver. To guarantee a decent lifestyle, overseas students must manage their finances carefully. Generally speaking, Ottawa's cost of living is reasonable when compared to other large Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver. To guarantee a decent lifestyle, overseas students must manage their finances carefully.

Better job prospects

After graduation, Ottawa offers international students great career options because of its broad and booming labour market. Being the capital of Canada, the city often has a number of options in fields relating to government, such as international relations, policy creation, and public administration. Students who pursue studies in computer science and information technology can find several work prospects in the city's technology industry, which is also a prominent player in the job market. The robust healthcare industry in Ottawa places a high value on health sciences graduates.

A mixture of history and modernity

Ottawa is a big city with a small-town atmosphere that appeals to a wide range of tourists, including history aficionados, shoppers, adventurers, and music enthusiasts. From museums to the Victorian Parliamentary Hill to skiing in the Gatineau Mountains, Ottawa has everything a traveller might want from a true Canadian experience.

Good quality of life

Safety and quality of life: Ottawa, which is regarded as one of the safest cities in North America, was placed ninth in the world in 2020. In all of Canada, the city boasts one of the lowest rates of violent crime. Ottawa has a lower cost of living than Toronto or Vancouver, even though it is the capital. There is also an excellent public transport system there. Since higher education is the backbone of Ottawa's economy, most people living there are students.

Recreational opportunities

The cultural landscape of Ottawa is vibrant, with a wide variety of theatres, galleries, and museums. The city offers students a lively and varied cultural experience because of its festivals and events. In addition, parks, rivers, and outdoor recreation sites abound around the city, adding to its natural beauty.

Close proximity to government institutions

As the nation's capital, Ottawa is home to a number of government agencies, offering students exceptional chances for study, networking, and internships in subjects like public administration, law, and political science.

Top universities in Ottawa

  1. University of Ottawa
  2. Carleton University
  3. Dominican University College
  4. Saint Paul University Canada
  5. Herzing College
  6. Willis College
  7. Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

Major programs offered

Universities in Ottawa offer a wide variety of courses that include the following:

  • Health Sciences
  • Social Sciences.
  • Engineering
  • Business and Management
  • Information Technology
  • Law
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Education
  • Science

Types of degrees offered at Ottawa

In all the cities including Ottawa, there are 3 main types of degree with sub-degrees under the main degrees. The types of degrees in Canada are as follows:

 Type of degree  Sub-Category of degrees
      Undergraduate  Bachelor’s degree
 Honours bachelor's degree
 Bachelor of Fine Arts
 Bachelor of Music
 Bachelor of Commerce
 Bachelor of Computer Science
 Graduate or postgraduation       Master’s of Business Administration
 Master’s of Public Administrration
 Master’s of Science in Nursing
 Doctoral degree
 Professional  Juris doctor
 Doctor of Medicine (MD)
 Doctor of Vetinary Medicine
 Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Job opportunities in Ottawa after graduation

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, offers a wide variety of job opportunities for international students after graduation. The various job opportunities include Government Jobs, Technology and IT, Research and Development, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Finance and Banking, Non-profit and NGOs., Language Services, Tourism and Hospitality, Education and Research Institutions, Consulting Services, Start-ups and Entrepreneurship, Real Estate and Development, Telecommunications, Cultural and Creative Industries

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Study in Ottawa

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