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Part-Time Jobs for International Students

July 2020

Whilst the primary reason a student decides to pursue an education abroad is to attain quality education, the underlying factors are so much more than that. Another, major pull factor to study abroad is to ensure the holistic all-round development of the student's personality. Interacting with students from all across the globe hones one's communication skills. Apart from interacting with the locals to develop one's personality, what students also actively do is undertake part-time jobs. These jobs allow students to unwind from their class in university and practically imply the knowledge learned.

While the duration for which students can undertake these part-time jobs are highly dependent on the visa and the rules and regulations of the study destination. These countries ensure that students have ample avenues to undertake part-time jobs.


Why should students undertake part-time jobs?

Indulging in a part-time job, allows a student to build a network of contacts that come in handy in the future. Not just this, but a part-time job also allows students to be more empathetic towards the cultural nuances of the country. Moreover, these jobs will allow students to understand the workplace culture of a foreign land, allowing them to be more aware. The fact that a student has undertaken a part-time job, not only brings to light their ability to multi-task and juggle with an innumerable task at hand. It also shows the students ability to put themselves out of their comfort zones. This fact becomes extremely promising and alluring to future employers who are especially drawn towards these traits.

Popular Part-Time Jobs

From an ambit of part-time jobs that the student can avail, here's a list of a few of the most popular.


Depending upon the student's interests and skills, they can select subjects they wish to tutor in. Apart from helping at schools, students can also avail of the benefits of tutoring assistantships available at the university itself. Not only does this allow them to interact with the professors and further tap into their subject of study, but it also presents them with avenues to earn money. A result-oriented line of work, students who decide to tutor can also enjoy the fact that they helped further another student's career.

Shop Assistants

There are several shops on campus, that are often on the lookout for assistants. This is an excellent opportunity for students to use their ideal time. Skills of resource and operations management are imbibed in the students and they are also able to learn how to deal with people. As mentioned earlier, higher education abroad is so much more than just attaining quality education, working in shops enables students to understand what it is like working in a team and answering to responsibility.

Working in a Restaurant

Many international students work at local cafes, restaurants, and bars. Apart from earning that extra money, the student's overall personality is definitely developed. For one, the communication skills of students are definitely developed since they are interacting with the customers. Moreover, student's confidence often skyrockets since, their management skills are put to use working in the said scenario. Not just this, but it also allows you to have a good time while you're working.

Part-Time Job Opportunities offered by countries


Study in Canada for Indian students enables them to gain job experience while continuing to study. Co-op provides full-time opportunities that last for 12 to 17 weeks. Co-Operative work programs combine courses in many subjects with relevant work, giving students an invaluable head start to their careers. This assists international students in connecting with the Canadian job market and developing networks with Canadian companies.


Students are allowed to work 20 hrs per week during the semester (on campus). On-campus jobs may include teaching assistantship or research assistantship where a student is paid on an average $8 to $10 per hour.


Students can work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during vacations. Students planning to study in the UK can expect to earn around £ 5 - £ 7 per hour i.e. approximately £375 - £525 per month during the term.


Students can work part-time – 40 Hrs /fortnight during course sessions and full-time during vacation and holidays. On average a student can earn around 15-16 AUD/hour.

Part-time jobs ease some of the financial burden from the students and also allow them to become independent and self-reliant.


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