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Upcoming Study Destinations

There are certain study abroad destinations that we are all familiar with, however, in the recent years there has been a sudden surge in the number of study destinations. These study destinations have quickly been able to establish themselves in the market and a large number of international student's flock to attain their education from here.


So, what are these study destinations and what is it that makes these so famous?


Singapore envisages to become a global school house by offering a distinctive and diverse education in a safe as well as cosmopolitan environment. Known as the education hub in Asia, a student is met with a distinctive blend of culture, history, lifestyle and architecture at this upcoming study destination. A significant number of renowned foreign universities have set up their base in the country, along with a strong footing of private education institutions that offer quality education to its students. To ensure that the most deserving students receive the opportunity to study in Singapore, the universities offer an ambit of scholarships and funding avenues to take the burden off the students. Not just this, but when compared to other study destinations, the tuition fees as well as the living expenditure is economical. Its open business policy, political stability as well as their developed infrastructure, are primary reasons why students are pulled towards attaining an education in Singapore.


A dynamic, popular and young country, Ireland is a part of the European Union and is an upcoming study abroad destination. One of the fastest growing economies of the world, the country is also known for its highest quality of life Index according to the Economist Intelligence Unit's Quality-of-life index. Not just this, but according to the Lonely Planet travel guide group, Ireland is also one of the friendliest countries in the world. Known for the impetus it provides to research activities, students who have an inclination towards this field are especially drawn towards pursuing their education in Ireland. At the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level, innovation and critical thinking abilities are harnessed in the students. With a rich traditional history in education and learning, it has helped change lives worldwide with their research activities. Moreover, the rapid growth in their economy can be attributed to the fact that some of the most leading companies in the world have their headquarters based in Ireland, which also presents students with employment opportunities.


One of the most sought-after study destinations, a significant number of students are drawn towards studying in France because it creates a path for them towards greater career avenues. Its culture, reputation and technological advancement are primary reasons that a significant number of young minds are drawn towards studying in France. The country has changed with times, and students are no longer expected to know French to be able to study in France. A significant number of courses are conducted in English and the university also provides help to those international students who wish to study French. Not just this, but the university also supports international students when it comes to the cost of accommodation facilities. Being at the forefront of several technological fields, the country ranks second in Europe and fourth in the world for its Information Technology sector. One of the most traditionally rich countries, it has a rich history of tradition and arts which is why a significant number of students are drawn towards this destination.


Known for its technological advancements, a large number of students choose to make Germany their study home. Being part of the internationally recognized community, with a large number of course being entirely or partly taught in English are big pull factors for Germany. Engineering, Natural Science, Computer Science, Business and Economics are popular course of study taught at the undergraduate, postgraduate as well as the PhD level. Because the universities are funded by the state, they charge minimal tuition fees and even offer international students the opportunity to undertake internships or research. Since it lies in the heart of Europe, it becomes a gateway to other popular European destinations that students can visit during their course break.

These upcoming study destinations have carved a niche for themselves in specific markets and their economical cost component are major pull factors for study abroad aspirants.


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