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5 Popular Courses to Study in Canada

Canada, known for its quality education and competitive entry requirements, offers various opportunities to study further, work and settle. Canada is also known as the land of opportunities, that allows people from all over the globe to come over and settle down, provided they meet with the Canadian immigration requirements. Prior knowledge about the foreign country where you'll be studying not only helps you to understand the new culture and people, but also makes you adjust to the new surroundings.

Universities in Canada, charge lower tuition fees to international students than their counterparts in competing countries and at the same time, maintain excellent educational quality. However, as the fees are more affordable, admissions are more competitive.


A large number of students seek admission in the below given 5 courses in Canada:


Taught at universities as well as colleges in Canada, a Business program will imbibe in you a range of skills. Business programs are taught through a variety of mediums such as Diplomas, Bachelors, Foundation Degrees and Postgraduate programs as well. Through this program, you are likely to understand a range of concepts such as Business Administration, Business Management, International Business and many more. Important concepts are taught through this program and the education system is created in such a manner that it incorporates a high standard of education. One of the safest and best places to live, some of the most renowned companies such as, Adobe, Bata, BlackBerry, Cisco, Corel and IMAX have set base in Canada, that will allow you to undertake networking activities. One of the strongest economies of the world, it is sure to augment your business prospects.

Business Analytics

A degree in the said field of study, will allow you to use digital tools to analyse business data enabling you to enhance business operations and predict future outcomes. This will not only equip you with the necessary skills required to strategize, but also collect and interpret data. By creating, analysing and understanding data, you will be well versed with evaluating performance. This field of study, includes concepts from Statistics, Data Science and Computer Engineering to name a few. By using your analytical, problem solving and mathematical skills, you will be able to find pattern in large data. You can find yourself working as a Business Operation Consultant, Business Intelligence Manager or a System Analyst amongst others.

Computer Science and Information Technology

A broad field of study, it is an amalgamation of both abstract as well as concrete studies. It incorporates both hands on visual and theoretical study in areas of Computer Engineering, Computer Networking, Computing, Programming Language, Software Engineering, Web Designing and Web Development to name a few. Apart from these courses in Canada, you can also study specialisations in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Hardware as well as Software. These tech courses will help you determine, technological needs to implement solutions in areas of Computer Security, Cyber Security, Networking and other fields of Information Technology.


A highly specialised field of study, it is a combination of theory, assignment as well as practical field work that incorporate hands on experience. Studying these courses in Canada, will develop specialised skills in you by enhancing your knowledge to the professional level. Several universities in Canada also offer placement opportunities, giving you knowledge as well as experience. By solving complex problems under this field, you can find yourself in many areas some of which include Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, Geomatics and Automotive Engineering to name a few.

Project Management

With a Project Management Degree, you will be able to conduct business, take up responsibility for a project, meet deadlines as well as budgets. Apart from this, by meeting these objectives, you will be able to manage risks effectively within the required resources. This degree equips you to receive, monitor, implement and analyse outcomes and at the same time draw conclusions. This area of study, incorporates in itself component from fields such as Business, Marketing, Economics, that will help you focus, analyse and be resilient as well as determinant in your communication. With this degree, you can find yourself working as a Project Analyst, Coordinator or Manager to name a few.

There are over 98+ universities in Canada and most of them are publicly accredited and funded. The degrees awarded by Canadian universities are recognized all over the world and can open an ocean of opportunities for you.


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