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What Student Life In The USA Feels Like?

March 2022

If you're one of the many people considering to study in the USA, you'll probably be wondering what exactly student life in the USA is like. Before you prep to fly to the USA, you should know what life is like for international students out there.

Study in USA


The American culture is very diverse. Individualism and directness, the value of time, work ethics, private space, personal hygiene, and informality are attributes of US culture.

Private space and public space are a huge deal for Americans, and they emphasize keeping a distance between other people and themselves.

Americans address people they know by their first names, but they address professionals using their titles. Also, they barely seem to hesitate in letting you know how they would like to be addressed.

With regards to clothing and fashion, Americans tend to have a sense of appropriateness. They prefer formal wear for formal events and informal wear in classrooms.

In aspects of academic culture, plagiarism/ copying are prohibited and strict rules are governed.

The beauty lies in accepting and understanding people from different nations and walks of life.

Recreational Activities and Places to Visit

You can stroll off-campus during the weekends, and many college towns and cities have a sprightly nightlife to relish. For recreational purposes, international students can indulge in activities like attending live events and fun festivals, hitting the beach, enjoying outdoor sports, etc.

The USA has many picturesque natural spectacles, such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Niagara Falls, and the Great Lakes. The diverse topography encompasses everything from deserts and mountains to lakes and forests so you can access nature and unwind.

Housing / Accommodation

There are numerous choices for accommodation to choose from which include On-Campus and Off-Campus housing, and homestays.

Most American universities operate a "campus" policy - where student accommodation, teaching, research laboratories, shops, and sports facilities are located on-site. In dormitory-style accommodation, you may share a bedroom with two or three others. The advantages of On-Campus accommodation are that students can stay close to campus and cut o traveling expenses.

Private accommodation is available in apartments and homestays. You can rent single rooms or share a flat with other students. In a homestay facility, you can be a part of a local family and be provided with meals which will mostly be included in your accommodation fee.


The USA is a safe country to study in with its law and regulations well in order. However, it's vital to stay safe and never partake in any behaviours you feel uncomfortable with.

One must be vigilant enough to suspect any wrong activities happening around, and also take proper care of belongings. You should make sure to keep yourself surrounded by trustworthy people who you can count on.

Food / Cuisines

America is a cultural melting pot - and this is exhibited in its food. Rich and flavourful food in the South, great seafood in the North-East, and fresh salads on the West coast make it very unlikely for one to go to sleep empty stomach. The US may be known as the capital of the fast-food culture, but each state and city has its dish peppered with various cultural inputs.


Needless to mention, quality education in the US is an expensive affair, but the return on investment is bound to multiply. Nevertheless, one must plan expenses strategically and cut down the cost where it is possible. You should avoid carrying large amounts of cash and try to rely on digital transactions.

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