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Useful Information on 'ACT'

October 2016

The ACT measures the academic abilities important for College. It is a paper based test and consists of four sections- English, Mathematics, Reading and Science and lasts for a period of 3 hours and 35 minutes, with the optional Writing test. These sections cover topics taught in high school classes and measures the candidates skills and knowledge. It evaluates a student's readiness for College. Those looking to give the ACT can register for the test online, these scores are valid for a period of 5 years.

On the ACT English section, you have 45 minutes to read and answer questions based on five passages. This section measures your ability to revise and edit a piece of writing. One part of the English section deals with questions on punctuation, usage of grammar and structure of sentences, while other questions judge you on the writing strategy and organization. These questions refer to an underlined portion. You must decide on the appropriate word choice and formation of sentences for that underlined portion, sometimes the no change option is the best answer choice for the underlined part. You will also receive two sub scores based on 40 Usage/ Mechanical questions and 35 Rhetorical questions

On the ACT Mathematics, you are given a time slot of 60 minutes to answer 60 multiple choice questions. This section will test you on concepts and reasoning teachniques. You will be allowed to use a calculator on the Mathematics section. However, these questions will test you on mathematics and not on your ability to recall definitions or formulas. The type of questions vary in their level of difficulty and also on the time spent answering them. In addition to being scored for the questions that you attempt, you will also receive three sub scores.

The ACT Reading Test measures your ability to comprehend and understand what you read. You are not required to have prior knowledge on any of the passages, but rather focus on the information provided to you. You will also receive a sub score based on how well you perform on the passages. You may come across passages that you know nothing of, but don't worry, the passage will contain all the information you will need to know in order to answer the questions. This test has 40 passage based questions that you will have to answer in 35 minutes.

The ACT Science section requires you to answer 40 multiple choice questions in 35 minutes. These questions will test you on analysis, evaluation and problem solving skills required in Natural Sciences. This section consists of seven test units, each passage consisting of several multiple choice questions. The information provided in each passage of the Science section is divided into three different formats. Data representation requires you to evaluate the given information presented in the graph, these type of questions will ask you to interpret tables and read graphs, the Research Summaries requires you to assess the design, execution and results of the experiments, while the Conflicting viewpoints section requires you to evaluate alternative theories on specific phenomenon.

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The ACT Writing is an optional section, where in you will have 40 minutes to read a prompt and then plan and write an essay in response. This test will ask you to explain your perspective on a particular issue in a convincing way. You are required to take a stand on the given issue and support that position with relevant reasons and examples. The stand that you take will in no way affect your writing score. Ensure that you keep to the topic while at the same time use logical reasoning to support your ideas. Your writing should be well organized with appropriate language. Additionally, you will also receive a score for combined English/Writing and a Writing Test sub score.

Strategies for the ACT

  • Taking practice tests will help you familiarize yourself with all sections on the ACT and will help you on the actual test day
  • Like other tests, the ACT too must be completed within a certain time, work towards completing the sections on time. Do not be in a hurry, pace yourself
  • A day prior to the actual test, take time to understand how to mark your answers onto the answer sheet as you go through each question
  • Ensure that you read your sections correctly and most importantly understand each question presented to you. Often, careless mistakes are made by overlooking an important detail or two. Pay close attention to the details presented to you
  • If you are spending too much of time on a particular question, move on to the next one, if you have the time later, come back to it. However be sure to leave that particular question blank on your answer sheet as well
  • The ACT does not penalize for wrong answers, so if you are unsure, select an answer by eliminating the other answer choices
  • Finally, always go through your work, use your spare time to check if you've marked all the answers correctly onto your answer sheet. For the writing task, use your time to go over your essay and check to see if your spellings and writing style are grammatically correct

Salient Features

  • 100 hours of intensive and comprehensive training
  • Sessions are personalized maximum of 10 to 15 students per batch
  • Qualified, experienced and trained faculty
  • REAL ACT Prep Guide issued as course ware
  • Teaching pedagogy involves strong focus on building fundamentals in math, guiding students with their approach towards different question types, helping students build reasoning with sufficient practice
  • 20 full length mock test
  • Well stocked library
  • Facility of home issuance of book
  • Availability of weekdays (Tuesday- Friday, 2 hours per day) and Weekend Batches (Saturday- Sunday, 4 hours per day) under regular mode
  • Availability of Fast Track Mode (Tuesday- Sunday, 4 hours per day) for people who want to complete the course at the earliest
  • Facility of shifting to any branch throughout India

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