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Universities in Singapore for International Students

November 2020

A contemporary, enthusiastic country that hosts one of the most renowned education systems in the world, universities in Singapore are an excellent medium through which students can attain world-class education. Revered internationally as a global schoolhouse, a plethora of courses are available for students to study in Singapore.

Why study at universities in Singapore

Universities in Singapore help students make an informed decision about their future. This coupled with the economical nature of their course fees, and a cost of living that is significantly cheaper than most other developed nations makes Singapore a prominent destination among aspirants. Moreover, universities are also generous when it comes to offering financial assistance to deserving students. Thus, students can find at their disposal avenues of scholarships, study loans, bursaries and much more.

Tertiary Education in Singapore

The education system in Singapore comprises of various sections, one of them being the tertiary sector. A few of the components that comprise this sector include Public Universities as well as International Universities.

Public Universities

Three globally recognised universities in Singapore offer undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs. At the postgraduate level, students have the opportunity to tap into research avenues for which, immense financial support is also offered to students based on their performance. Entry requirements are extremely competitive at these public universities.

International Universities

Some of the world's leading universities have also set a base in Singapore. These are undertaken either through the medium of a physical campus or in the form of a collaboration with local universities.


The intakes to study in Singapore comprise of range months. Government universities in Singapore have an intake in August, while some also have an intake in February.

Entry Requirements

Study in Singapore for Indian students can occur after the completion of their Class 12, post which they are eligible to apply for undergraduate programs at local universities. For undergraduate programs admission is as per the entry requirements for each program. The criteria for entry for Singapore's public institutes are generally quite high and competitive. Thus, students are expected to put their best foot forward.

Undergraduate programs at universities in Singapore

Courses in every imaginable field of study are offered at the undergraduate level in Singapore. The main focus when granting students admission at public universities in Singapore is the academic profile. Thus, students looking to make an application for the same must ensure that they have a strong academic background. To be eligible for the same, students should have completed 12 years of education. The duration for the same ranges between 3-4 years. Some universities may require their candidates to possess SAT scores as well, however, this is subjective in nature and depends on the program of application. Furthermore, IELTS or TOEFL is also so subjective. Application for the same is undertaken through the medium of online applications.

Postgraduate programs at universities in Singapore

Public universities offer three main categories of postgraduate programs, these include Graduate Diploma programs, Masters programs and Ph.D. programs.

A Graduate Diploma program is a terminal qualification and offers limited training in a specialised area of study. For graduates, it is a one-year full-time course of study and is often sought after by those students who are seeking exposure in a niche field of study.

A Master's course from Singapore prepares the students to climb the professional ladder in the future. Depending on the university under consideration, this program lasts for a period of one-two years. Prominent universities offer MA, MS, MBA, MFA programs and require candidates to possess sound scores in their Bachelor's degree along with 2 years of work experience. Depending on the subject of study, students also need to appear for the said examinations. Students looking to study business related programs may need to appear for the GMAT or GRE, while those looking to study science programs are preferred to have a GRE. If required students may also need to possesses a sound IELTS or TOEFL score.

Ph.D. programs in Singapore are based on research with a duration of 3-5 years. After the completion of their Master's program, students can make an application for a Ph.D. program. For this, they also need to submit their research proposal. To gain admission, students are also required to appear for the GRE/GMAT or IELTS/TOEFL.

An Asian Education Hub, it is an excellent opportunity to transcend your future goals.

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