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Universities in Australia Attending The World Education Fair: FEB-MAR'23

February 2023

Hey There! Edwise, India's premier Overseas Education Consultants, with 30+ years of exceptional experience has once again spearheaded the World Education Fair 2023, which is scheduled to begin with a bang from Saturday, February 4th, 2023, right up until Wednesday, March 1st, 2023. Come and witness the participation of Universities from Australia that will be in attendance. Moreover, profit from a remarkable chance to meet and converse with delegates from prestigious colleges and institutions from 10 countries across 17 cities. Read through the blog to find out more about why the Edwise Fair is unlike other education fairs.

The World Education Fair – 2023

Participation of Australian Universities at the World Education Fair:

The following notable universities in Australia will be present at the 2023 World Education Fair: The University of Western Australia, University of New South Wales, The University of Sydney, Monash University, The University of Queensland, La Trobe University, Southern Cross University, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, RMIT, Bond University, University of Tasmania, Deakin University, Macquarie University and the University of Technology Sydney.

What makes The World Education Fair 2023 stand out?

  • Colleges and universities have been loyal partners of Edwise ever since its founding in 1991. Their presence at the event will serve as a springboard for admission to your ideal school.
  • No admission costs will be charged at the event venue.
  • In addition to networking with university representatives, you will get a chance to meet other students who want to begin their study abroad journey. This will make it easier to make friends and meet new people prior to the start of the course.
  • .
  • Thanks to the copious amounts of support offered, the thorough informational booklets, and the continual attention of the Edwise staff, an enjoyable, stress-free experience is assured at the fair.
  • Services such as Coaching and Visa Counselling will be provided at the fair.
  • Services including Academic Pathway Planning, Pre-Departure Assistance, and Test Preparation will be offered in addition to the conventional ones.

The other nations that will be present at the WEF in 2023 include New Zealand, the UK, France, the United States, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Ireland.

 No  Date  Day  Time  Cities
 1  4th February, 2023  Saturday  10:30am-5pm  Chennai
 5th February, 2023  Sunday  10:30am-5pm  Mumbai
 7th February, 2023  Tuesday  10:30am-4pm  Surat
 8th February, 2023  Wednesday  10:30am-4pm  Vadodara
 9th February, 2023  Thursday  10:30am-4pm  Ahmedabad
 11th February, 2023  Saturday  10:30am-5pm  Pune
 12th February, 2023  Sunday  10:30am-5pm  Delhi
 14th February, 2023  Tuesday  10:30am-4pm  Chandigarh
 16th February, 2023  Thursday  10:30am-4pm  Jaipur
10   18th February, 2023  Saturday  10:30am-5pm  Bangalore
11   19th February, 2023  Sunday  10:30am-5pm  Kolkata
12  21st February, 2023 Tuesday 10:30am-4pm Vizag
13 23rd February, 2023 Thursday 10:30am-4pm Indore
14 25th February, 2023 Saturday 10:30am-5pm Hyderabad
15 26th February, 2023 Sunday 10:30am-5pm Coimbatore
16 28th February, 2023 Tuesday 10:30am-4pm Cochin
17 1st March, 2023 Wednesday 10:30am-4pm Trivandrum

Australia: An Overview

Australia is one of the most well-liked and the third most popular study overseas country among many international students, many of whom are Indian. Numerous prestigious institutes and colleges in the nation annually accept a substantial influx of international students. Over 60,000 Indian students currently study in Australia. The universities in Australia have long been known for offering top-notch education. Australian colleges and universities provide a wide range of degrees for international students to choose from. Courses in Australia are offered across various fields of study including Environmental Science, Dentistry, Computer and Information Technology, Education, Law, Engineering, Accounting, Creative Arts and Design, Business and Management, Architecture, and Health and Medicine, etc.

Ever thought about why you should study in Australia?

  • Australian universities are well-known throughout the world for their high calibre programmes, flexible educational framework, etc.
  • The country is a melting pot of various cultures and nationalities, and thus, students who study in Australia have the chance to fully immerse themselves in a multi-cultural society.
  • Australia's higher education system is highly regarded as one of the greatest in the world.
  • Employers all across the world place a high value on degrees obtained in Australia. It also helps students land lucrative jobs at well-known businesses.
  • Australia has a peculiar educational framework and instructional approach that encourages pupils to think independently, creatively, and imaginatively.
  • Australia has a high graduate employability rate, with Australian colleges and university graduates effectively landing jobs and taking on leadership roles all over the world.
  • Australia has one of the highest standards of life in the world and offers reasonably priced education. The country's tuition fees and living expenses are moderately low when compared to other study abroad locations.
  • Students are allowed to work for 20 hours each week while they are enrolled in classes and 40 hours per week during vacations.
  • Quality Assurance through CRICOS Code.
  • Australian universities provide merit-based students with financial help and assistance in the form of bursaries, grants, and scholarships.
  • With students being taught by subject-matter experts, the course structure and pedagogy exhibits the best in them.
  • Students that study in Australia develop their individuality and gain self-confidence.

For further assistance or queries students can contact us, Edwise International, and avail of our wide range of services for students on destinations like Universities in Australia, study in Australia, study in UK, study in USA, study in Canada, study in Ireland, study in New-Zealand, study in Singapore, and many other countries.

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