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Trending MS programs in the UK

April 2024

Canada has a rich and diverse media ecosystem that offers a lot of opportunities to explore and engage in different forms of media. Right from traditional news broadcasters to modern-day broadcasting networks, digital or online publication, Canada’s media industry has a dynamic landscape and ever-changing environment. Canadian universities are known for their cutting-edge programmes, experienced faculty members, modern equipment, and facilities, which make them an attractive destination for international students. Be it broad media, digital storytelling, or media production, Canadian universities cover it all and provide a stimulating environment.

Trending Master's Programme in the UK

The UK has been the most preferred destination for most international students who wish to seek their master’s degree abroad. The best part is that the programmes offered here have a shorter duration. The universities here offer many good master's programmes that are tailored as per the demand in the job market. Right from gaining in-depth knowledge to learning new skills, the programmes here focus on practical knowledge.

The top master's programme in the UK

MBA : MBA is one of the most preferred programmes in the UK. The programme typically lasts for one year. The teaching faculty is expert in the field, which enables the students to have practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Speaking of scholarships, there are a lot of scholarships for deserving students. These scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, etc. An MBA programme in the UK has got to offer a lot of specialisations, such as international business, human resources, business management, sports management, project management, organisation management, and a lot more. MBA programmes offer a multitude of job opportunities. Job roles like accounting, advertising, banking, consulting, marketing, and finance

Accounting and finance : Covering a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, politics, psychology, sociology, and a lot more, an accounting and finance degree in the UK will help the candidate gain different perspectives. Additionally, as a student, there is the option of pursuing the course full-time, part-time, online, or through sandwich programs. Australia as a nation is known as the financial hub that offers an ample array of job opportunities that are highly valued across the globe. The universities ensure that both theoretical and practical knowledge is given, which would enhance the skills for accounting. While studying accounting, there will be software like CIMA Sage, which the student will become proficient in. This would not only broaden their knowledge but also strengthen their knowledge in the accounting, finance, and commercial sectors.

Engineering : Engineering is one of the most pursued courses in the world. The UK, as a nation, is well-known for its engineering program. Engineering in the UK allows one to learn from developing infrastructure-dynamic classrooms with modern technologies and equipment. As a field, engineering is rewarding when pursued in the UK. It comes with an ample amount of opportunity. The specialisations offered by the universities are unique. It includes electrical engineering, automation and artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering. Additionally, the programmes are offered across undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes.

Management : The master’s in management, or MIM, programme is also known as an alternative to an MBA. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the various practices, perceptions of management, and related concepts. The programme covers a wide range of topics, including finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and a lot more. The skills acquired in the programme make the students industry ready. The programme focuses more on the practical part. The fees of a master’s in management are less than those of an MBA. Some of the famous universities include London Business School, Imperial College, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science), University of London, The University of Bath, Durham University, and The University of Edinburgh.

Fashion : A fashion design programme in the UK does give in-depth knowledge of the fashion market. Fashion design in the UK covers apparel, textiles, brand identity, and related fields. This programme is ideal for students who aspire to show creativity in the fashion industry by designing. Some of the well-known universities for fashion are Loughborough University, University of Central Lancashire, Kingston University, London Metropolitan University, and Staffordshire University.

Popular specialisations for master's

The UK is a popular destination for studying master’s. There are different specialisations along with dynamic opportunities for master's degrees in the UK. Here are the various specialisations:

  • Computer science and data science
  • Engineering and technology
  • Mass communication
  • Architecture, building, and planning
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Education
  • Veterinary Science

Top universities

The UK as a nation is well recognised for its master’s program. The top universities in the UK are the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, UCL, and the University of Edinburgh.


There are various scholarships available for international students from all over the world. The various scholarships include the following:

  • Clarendon Fund
  • Oxford-Indira Gandhi Graduate Scholarships
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship
  • UCL Global Master Scholarships
  • WMG Excellence Scholarships
  • LSE Master's Awards
  • Inlaks Scholarship
  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Rhodes Scholarships
  • Saltire Scholarships
  • Felix Scholarships
  • GREAT Scholarships

Job opportunities

The UK is home to several universities that offer the best education for master’s programs. Also, the UK’s market is highly demanding and competitive. The various job roles include HR Manager, Physician, Clinical Psychologist, Neurologist, Professor, Tutor, Legal Advisor, Legal Consultant, Animator, Game Designer, Concept Artist, PR Head, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer.

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Trending Master’s Programme in the UK for International Students

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