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Top Universities in UK

June 2019

Graduates from top ranking universities in UK are highly sought after by companies over the world. The reputation that a student gains upon studying from top ranking universities in UK makes him extremely marketable in the corporate world. Nearly all universities from other study abroad destinations have in some or the way took on certain nuances from the education system in UK.

Although gaining admit into top ranking universities in UK is extremely difficult, student’s successful admit into the same guarantees him a secure future. Apart from the opportunity to have one’s future completely backed, the student also has the chance to walk in the same halls as some notable alumni. These noted personalities who have studied from universities in UK have gone ahead and made considerable positive impact on the world. Some of the noted personalities from top ranking universities in UK include, Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, Mahatma Gandhi, Wole Soyinka to name a few.

Universities in UK offer a magnanimous number of specializations, highlighting the fact that every student can find a course that is in tandem with their interests.

Although, the top ranked universities in London, have historical architecture that give a pre-historical vibe, the teaching techniques utilized by the faculty in universities in UK are extremely contemporary in nature. The modern tools of teaching make sure that the pupils are in tandem with the latest happenings in their field of study. This teaching methodologies utilized by top ranked universities in London inculcates in students values of creativity and independence, which is highly sought after by employers. Due to the innate abilities in UK graduates their employability increases multifold.

Top ranking universities in UK adopt methodologies that stimulate original thinking in the students, enabling the pupil to master the art of independent learning, which invariably promotes skills of independence and ingenuity. The quality of education provided by universities in UK is undefeatable throughout other study abroad destinations. Top ranking universities in UK offer support facilities to international students through the mediums of personal tutors and academic counselors. These offer academic support to the students. Not only this, but social support is also provided to international students. Universities in UK provide social activities and clubs to enable them to interact with like-minded individuals. The existence of like-minded individuals, enable the students to feel at home when they meet people from similar cultural backgrounds.

Although, attaining education from top ranked universities in London can be an expensive affair, numerous scholarships are offered to international students. The National Union of Students, offer students immense discount facilities enabling them to have an economical experience. As mentioned earlier, corporate employers largely seek UK graduates thus the earning potential of the pupil is arrived at sooner is also higher compared to other graduates. The environment at top ranking universities in UK is extremely conducive to the overall development of the pupil’s personality. The immense choice in universities, academic programs, and social activities makes sure there exists a diverse and stable social environment in the university. Universities in UK are extremely cosmopolitan in nature and are a host to numerous ethnic groups, thus the environment is extremely stable and tolerant where students are taught in a warm environment. The interaction with varied number of people enables the students to become tolerant individuals with people having worldwide view.

Courses offered in universities in UK are in shorter duration compared to those of other study destinations. The undergraduate courses from universities in UK are three years in duration whilst those of Postgraduate from universities in UK are for one year.

Apart from the notable curriculum offered in top ranked universities in London, students also decide to study in universities in UK because of its proximity to other European nations. The academic structure is an important facet to the university experience, however other aspects of traveling and socializing with people from varied culture backgrounds, offer the students additional opportunities to enhance their cultural base.

Universities in UK have made their place amongst the top rated universities worldwide. These universities are rated on the basis of entry qualifications, student satisfaction, job prospects, results achieved, student/ faculty ratio to name a few.

Top ranking universities in UK offer a varied number of courses that range from business, engineering to law and medicine. Every possible course is made available in universities in UK.

Landscape of UK college

Tuition fees of universities in UK

Due to the lesser duration of programs in top ranking universities in UK, the tuition fee is economical. The duration of Undergraduate programs is three years whilst postgraduate programs are for one year, resulting in the cost to become more economical. The below given tuition fee framework is calculated through the exchange rate of £1= Rs 88.73. Arts and Humanities courses in universities in UK approximately cost Rs 709844-887305. Furthermore, engineering programs in top ranking universities in UK may cost Rs 887305-1153496.5. Business programs range from Rs 1064766 to Rs 1419688. Moreover, MBA programs from top ranked universities in London may range from Rs 887305- 2218262.5.

Accommodation costs when

studying in universities in UK Accommodation charges of areas other than London approximately range from Rs 810553.12 to Rs 887305. Similarly, localities near top ranked universities in London may cost Rs 1010196.74 to 1064766. The above given cost framework is subject to alteration along the modifications in the exchange rate.

Intakes in universities in UK

Top ranking universities in UK have their intakes in the month of September and October. Although some of the universities in UK also undertake acceptance during January and February. Furthermore, some universities in UK also have their intakes in April and May. This gives immense chances for international students to seek admission into their university of choice.

Entry requirements for universities in UK

Undergraduate courses from universities in UK have varied entry requirements depending upon the course. The entry requirements vary according to the course under consideration. Top rated universities in UK look for higher grades compared to those of other universities. If the pupil has not been able to achieve the score required by universities in UK the option of diploma and foundation courses are open to them. These courses are fundamental in nature and look to imbibe in students basic concepts that will allow them to enrich their base, thus giving momentum to their career. Postgraduate courses in top ranking universities in UK require students to have greater overall scores. Having work experience increases one’s chances of gaining admit into the top ranked universities in London. It often is the case that students don’t receive the required score to get into the top ranked universities in London, thus they apply for pre-Masters course. Certain top ranking universities in UK offer business courses of MBA or finance make it mandatory for the student to give the GMAT. Most of the top ranking universities in UK base their entry requirements on age criteria, GMAT scores and work experience. English requirements vary according to the program of persuasion; programs usually require English Proficiency Tests such as the IELTS or TOEFL. The required scores differ from universities in UK and according to the course. Top ranked universities in London have tough entry requirements to select the brightest candidates. All top ranking universities in UK require students to give IELTS. Universities in UK require students to achieve scores depending upon course under consideration. Certain universities in UK consider scores of English subject in the 12th grade of up to 75% and waive of English requirement.

Job opportunities in universities in UK

Universities in UK allow students to work 20 hours per week during the duration of the course and full time during course vacations. The student approximately earns £ 5- £ 7 per hour. Job vacancy information can be collected through college career cells, job shops, newspapers and many other sources. Graduation from top ranked universities in London with a recognized degree student can switch to a Tier 2- Sponsored Skill Category visa. Universities in UK give immense support to budding student entrepreneurs.

Visa information to study from universities in UK

To study from top ranked universities in London eligible students are required to have an acceptable student visa. To avail a student visa, one needs to achieve certain points. Eligibility of the student visa is based on a points based rule criteria. Herein a student is required to get 40 points to get a visa. Upon receiving an acceptance letter from the university, one can apply for a student visa. Pupil must produce evidence of finance for the program as well as for living expenses. To study from universities in UK an online application needs to be made. The UK Student Visa includes a health surcharge that students have to incur in order to use the National Health Service.

As mentioned earlier, there exists a list of top ranking universities in UK some of them include, City University, Lancaster University, Loughborough University, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, University of Durham, University of East Anglia, University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, University of Glasgow, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, University of Nottingham, University of Southampton, University of St.Andrews, University of Warwick and many more.

Thus studying from top ranking universities in UK will open a window of opportunities for the graduate which not only opens doors to lucrative job offers but also enables them to expand their knowledge base in the said field. Universities in UK, offer the best base for a student to expand their career graph.

Landscape of UK college

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