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Top 10 Universities in the USA to study Engineering

Overseas Education in the USA is known to be one of the most beneficial in the world. Education in the USA offers a more unique and engaging curriculum to students. While being a powerhouse in Education, the USA is also a global village for Students and this helps build their personalities and interpersonal skills. Most universities that hold global rankings are from the USA. One of the most opted courses in the US is Engineering among others. The programs and schools of study provide a wider range of practical research and gives students the skill set essential in this field of study.


Here are a list of universities that focus on excellence and brillance in the field of Engineering:

Arizona State University

ASU offers a wide variety of courses ranging from Aeronautical Management Technology all the way till Technological Entrepreneurship and Management. The wide selection of courses gives students the opportunity to explore new and unique courses based on their interest.

California State University, Long Beach

CSULB aims at developing and creating innovators of the future that design and work on sustainable and innovative solutions. The course in CSULB provides a hands on experience in industry and gives students a trailer to what the job entitles. The course is not only limited to students but professionals and non traditional learners as well.

George Mason University

The School of Engineering at GMU is one that has a dual subject faculty paired with Information Technology. GMU proudly boasts its diverse student presence as well as a new age tools like interactive teaching, research and practice.It is the First School of Engineering in the US with scholarships specially for IT students. GMU’s Cyber Security Program has been ranked 7th in the nation by the Ponemon Institute.

Colorado State University

The Engineering School at CSU thrives on collaboration and teamwork between the faculty and students. Along with theoretical study, there is a strong emphasis on research and practical knowledge as well. CSU’s School of Engineering is a leader among 150 research universities and is designated as a Carnegie Doctoral Research Extensive University. The Alumni from this school in specific are distinguished innovators, educators and government leaders.

Lawrence Technological University

With over 80 years of experience and expertise, LTU has created the best leaders and innovators in the fields of engineering, Science and Technology. LTU’s study approach is Enhanced Learning through participation. The study approach encapsulates practical and theoretical knowledge that gives an all round development to its students. LTU offers specializations from Biomedical Engineering to Mechanical Engineering.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT is one of the oldest and largest professional engineering schools in the United States, NJIT currently offers 18 undergraduate degree programs, 21 master’s and 9 doctoral degree programs that engage and immerse its students in the wide curriculum while creating a strong foundation in Engineering. NJIT boosts its students towards excellence and has added new courses based on the needs of the industry and interest of the students. NJIT is always evolving and developing new techniques to provide the best education to its students.

San Jose State University

SJSU is located in Silicon Valley, a world renowned hub for technology and innovation. The local firms in Silicon Valley and worldwide prefer graduates from SJSU as compared to other universities.The Engineering School in SJSU is ranked among the top 50 best schools for Engineering in the world. SJSU’s student population of more than 7000 is diverse and has a mix of nationalities and cultural backgrounds, mainly from Asian countries which grants great exposure to its students to learn about different cultures.

Southern Methodist University

The Engineering School of SMU is changing the way the world perceives engineers. SMU offers a large variety of courses for engineering from Civil Engineering to Mechanical Engineering and more. The programs at SMU involve a lot of research which encourages its students to explore and go more in depth to their field of study. SMU’s Engineering school is the top school for online masters degree programs. SMU’s students are currently working to solve 14 global engineering challenges.

University of Maryland Baltimore County

UMBC has a vibrant and diverse student presence along paired with experienced faculty members. The School of engineering offers over 16 courses and specializations.UMBC plays host to over 4000 students and its programs are known to be engaging. UMBC aims to excel in research and innovation to discover new aspects of the subject and help students discover their talents. Graduates from UMBC are big names in the Engineering industry and currently has a 92% employment rate for students after graduation.

University of Southern Florida

The College of Engineering at USF aims to provide world class education in through research, education and innovation. USF has the principle of excellence at the core of is functionality along with partnership, inclusivity and agility. USF has conferred more than 27,000 degrees since its inception in 1966. The student culture in USF is dynamic, diverse and active. Students are encouraged to interact with each other and develop new skills. USF’s Engineering college has high accreditations from Commissions that rank universities.


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