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Study Abroad Guide

Tips for Students Studying from Home

November 2020

Productivity, focus and motivation are three pillars required to study from home. And often these are the basic components students lag in. While students looking to study abroad have witnessed a major upheaval in their lives, some of them have found their bearings. A significant number of students have commenced their classes online and often find it arduous to remain focused and motivated through the online lectures.

A major issue a considerable number of student's face is the lack of socialization since they are confined to the four walls of their rooms. If you find yourself in this rut and seek help you have come to just the right place.

Make a schedule

One thing that was prominent in a student's life prior to the pandemic was their routine or schedule. They would have designated times to carry out a myriad of activities such as eating, studying, interning, socializing. But owing to the current scenario this has all gone for a toss. Thus, to break out from the shackles of lethargy, we advise students to make a schedule. Have a fixed schedule for studying, completing your assignments, having your meals and socializing. It is important that you give yourself a goodnight's sleep. This will help you stay on top of your game.

Fixed study area

The surroundings in which a student studies play a pivotal role in their higher education journey. And since you find yourself confined in the room, it may often become hard to find a balance between home and work. Therefore, to increase productivity, we encourage students to have a dedicated study space. Equip it with all the necessary items for a smooth experience.

Stay fit

It's quite easy to get lethargic sitting at home since your schedule goes for a toss. There are many indoor exercises that students can consider undertaking. Moreover, with the relaxation of norms students also have at their disposal the opportunity to exercise outside, adhering to social distancing norms. Exercising will help your mind stay fit and rejuvenate yourself. While on your overseas education expedition from home, you are likely to witness increased levels of productivity.

Get a goodnight's sleep

Make sure that you give yourself the right amount of sleep. Cut back staying awake till the wee hours of the night. A goodnight's sleep ensures you enhanced memory, relaxation as well as an increase in attention span. Staying fresh for your online classes is of paramount importance.

Set yourself a target

Set yourself goals that you wish to achieve. Make a to-do list and adhere to it. Having something to work towards will help increase your productivity and make you feel in charge. Moreover, with having achieved a task, you will gain more confidence.
While studying from home isn't exactly what you signed up, for it is the new normal at least for a while. Make sure to make the best of the opportunity presented.

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