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Tips for Online Learning at universities abroad during COVID-19

June 2021

Since 2020, a new approach to learning gained traction to cope with the deadly disease of COVID-19. This new approach was Online Learning. While online learning has been around for the past few years now, this approach to study abroad was a saving grace for students, faculties and universities abroad as they transitioned to a means that drastically reduced the transmission of this disease.

For education abroad, online learning is a means for students, especially international students, to be in touch with their course, peers and professors while they study online from their respective host countries.

While online learning is becoming the new normal, here are few tips for you as you study online:

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1. Designated study area:

  • Online Learning is not as easy as it seems and comes with its own set of challenges and struggles, but the pros outweigh the cons.
  • One difficulty that numerous students face, is the problem of a designated study area or space for lectures or classes.
  • During the week, when you have a class or lecture scheduled, find a location in your house or neighbouring areas, that is quiet and will allow you to focus.
  • Once you find the place of your choice, be consistent with this place and avoiding changing your place of study as it could hamper the learning process.

2. Create a seamless routine:

  • Altering your normal daily schedule during online learning, while enrolled to study abroad is imperative.
  • To make the best out of your study, you have to optimize your routine to not only fit in your study schedule but also to maintain a synonymous balance between study and free time.
  • Once you have created your seamless routine, develop habits of study and research to further enhance your study experience.

3. Focus on study material and curriculum:

  • Online Learning presents the opportunity for students to learn at their pace. While lectures are being conducted by the faculty, the student has the liberty to undertake their research and learn at their own pace.
  • Apart from the online lectures, focus on your study material and coursework. Divide your attention and focus to cover as much of the material as possible.

4. Track your progress

  • As you attend courses abroad online, it may seem difficult to keep up with the intense course but students are often advised to study at their speed.
  • Set up goals and target for yourself, either on a weekly or monthly basis. As the student reaches these milestones, they can track their progress by their achievements. Finishing a subject or chapter to be aligned with the class and the progress in the online classes, is a good learning strategy.

5. Interact with peers and faculty

  • Though Online Learning is a substitution for in-person classes, students must take this opportunity to interact with their classmates, to build effective and lasting connections, personally and professionally.
  • Students also shouldn't hesitate to interact with the faculty delivering the course at their universities abroad. This will help them understand your profile and assist you through the entirety of the course.
  • By interacting with their peers and faculty, students will find it easier to transition to on-campus classes, when the time comes.

6. Prepare to transition back to on-campus study

  • Online Learning is only a temporary alternate learning methodology to deal with the effects of the global pandemic. Once students and faculties at universities abroad are vaccinated, there is a high chance that on-campus classes will resume for students.
  • While this approach is convenient, students must prepare themselves to transition back to in-person classes for the rest of their courses.
  • Students are encouraged to be vaccinated as soon as possible or whenever it is made available to them for the safety of themselves and their peers.

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