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Things You Should Know Before Giving GMAT Exam

September 2016

The GMAT is a standardized test for those who wish to pursue a graduate program in the field of management or business. One cannot fail on the GMAT, as every University has a different score requirement. Your GMAT scores depend on the type of school and program you will be applying to, so it is important that you plan your test date based on the your university deadlines.

Creating a study schedule, will help you prepare for the GMAT. You may find it difficult to manage your time between the GMAT and other school based activities, so ensure that you maintain a balance between the two. This will be helpful while preparing for the exam. Begin early and start preparing for the GMAT 6-7 months before the actual test date, this way you will have time to be familiar with your basic math concepts. Keep note of your weaker sections and focus on improving in them. Keep in mind that all sections of the GMAT do not have the same weightage.

The GMAT Prep software offers free verbal and Quant questions and provides explanations for the answers. There are a number of websites that offer free practice material online. This will help you familiarise yourself with the GMAT sections and also identify the sections that you find challenging. You need to have a strategic study approach to the GMAT rather than just answering questions. When you take the test, place yourself in similar test settings. Set aside 4 hours, take the assigned breaks, and keep your phone away and switched off. This will keep you from getting distracted while giving the test. Do not be disappointed if you've scored less in your practice tests, your scores will improve as you give more tests. Understand why you've answered the questions incorrectly, and concentrate on getting them right the next time.

The GMAT is question adaptive, the difficulty of each question is according to each person's skill level. If a candidate answers a question correctly, the next question will likely be harder. Similarly, candidates will get an easier question if the previous question was answered incorrectly. The GMAT tests each question individually, so test takers cannot change their answers or return to previous questions.

The night before your exam, ensure that you know which identification proof you need to bring along, candidates have been turned away from testing centres if their identification did not match the name on the exam registration. Before giving the test, take some time to decide the schools you wish to apply to, this will save you time on the test day. Make sure that you know the location of your test centre, look up the directions the previous day, so you reach on time. Do not study anything new the night before, this has not proved to be helpful. Most importantly get a good night's sleep, you need to be fresh and well rested on the test day.

On the test day, it is important you carry the identification you registered under. All this needs to be done a day prior to your exam, do not wait until the last minute. At the exam centre you will be able to send your GMAT scores to five schools at no additional cost, however if you do not send them at the centre, there is a fee if you send them later on. If you happen to score less on the GMAT, you have the option of cancelling your test scores, however you will have to make this decision on the test day itself.

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