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Study Abroad Guide

Studying Abroad as an Adult

December 2020

The decision to study abroad is one that requires meticulous planning. Moreover, if you are an adult who is considering attaining higher education abroad the considerations you make are manifold tedious. The number of responsibilities you face when planning to study abroad are more and we at Edwise understand that.

This is why we have just the right mix for you. Take a look below to consider some of the points you should bear in mind when planning to study abroad as an adult.

Why have you decided to study abroad?

  • The number one question you need to ask yourself is why you have decided to study at this stage in your career? Is it because you are looking to upskill and earn a promotion or is it because you have decided to change your line of work? It could also be because you have decided to break out of the monotony of working.
  • Whatever the reason may be make sure you understand what your needs are.
  • This will help you undertake research and weigh the costs and benefits.

Selecting the course of study

  • As a professional who already possesses experience in the kitty, it is an important consideration of the course of study. Take into account your skills, experience and see which course balances both.
  • When selecting a course to study it is important to remember that although you have much to offer to the university as an experienced professional, the course must also help add value to your skills.
  • You would want a more practical nature of a program and this is another factor to consider.
  • Make sure that your career prospects after the completion of the program are noteworthy.
  • Therefore, only after you identify your needs and course of study, will it be easier for you to decide which university and destination to pick.

Plan your Finances

  • Overseas education can be expensive. Costs such as tuition fees, accommodation, travel, food and other expenses need to be taken into account. Thus, make sure you have savings and or either other means of finances available.
  • Make sure that you get a part-time job once you reach your study destination as this will help you balance your finances. A range of study destinations allows students to work part-time which not only lets them practically apply the knowledge learnt, but also earn some extra cash while at it.

Set your Goals

  • Before you commence your journey to study abroad make sure you have your goals set. Make a plan for your future post the completion of your program.
  • Understand what the job market at your study destination is like if you're planning on staying back. Thus, comprehending the post-study work rights becomes critical.
  • If you plan on returning to your home country post the completion of your program, make sure there is scope for your line of work.
  • If you are looking to join your existing job again post the completion of your program, touch base with your company regarding the same.

The team of professionals at Edwise help students with a quality and hassle-free application process thus allowing them to focus on their academics and job.Get in touch with us today!


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