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Student Visa Interview Tips

December 2020

Once you have secured admission to your dream university abroad, the next task you will be faced with is making your student visa applications. While the whole process can seem to be daunting with the added extra-pressure, a student is often most nervous during this phase.

However, at Edwise as India's Leading Overseas Education Consultants you can find the answer to all your study abroad woes. Here’s a list of some tips for your student visa interview.

Tender your Application

  • Students eager to study in Canada, can submit their applications online or visit a Canada Consulate in their home country.
  • Students looking to study in USA will be required to pay a visit to the American Embassy in their home country. It is here that students will submit their applications for the F-1 Student Visa category.


  • One of the most critical steps, you are required to submit a list of documents during your visa interview.
  • Apart from your visa application, you will be required to submit the acceptance letter from the university, I-20 form and/or study permit depending if you are making an application for USA or Canada.
  • Financial support documents are also required to be submitted.

Communication Skills

  • Apart from the documents submitted, during the interview, your communication skills are also judged.
  • Ensure to stay positive, don't let your nerves get the better of you.
  • Your whole-body language is also judged through the interview, thus, stay composed and positive.


  • Focus on your interview, attentively listen to what the interviewer is asking you and answer accordingly.
  • Take a second to gather yourself before answering and make sure you remain to the point.
  • Questions generally asked pertain to the areas of why this university, why this course, what are your career goals, family ties and much more. Thus, it will be advantageous if you prepare for the same before-hand.

Plans of Return

  • It is important that you let your interviewer know your plans of return.
  • To make a strong point for the same as mentioned before, talk about your family ties, professional exposure, property, finance and much more.
  • Ensure to make a strong case for your return post the completion of your study abroad endeavour.

Why make your student visa application with Edwise

  • Applying for a study visa is not an easy task. Getting your visa to study abroad takes time but can be a surprisingly simple procedure with the assistance of Edwise counselors.
  • We help you with the entire Visa process that includes filling up applications, compiling financial statements and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more.
  • 99% of our students are able to get a visa
  • We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules. The visa guidance is free for all Edwise students in all the countries.

Get in touch with us, today.


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