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Study Abroad Guide

Studying Abroad as a Teenager

December 2020

Studying abroad in a foreign destination will be one of the first instances that you as a teenager have stepped out of your cocoon. The responsibilities and independence that comes with an education abroad are manifold. You can consider this as one of your first endeavours into the real world.

Not only is the overall environment but even the teaching methodology and curriculum starkly different from what you had experienced in your home country. A whole new ball game, it is sure to enhance your prospects.

Apart from the educational benefits of attaining overseas education, the culture that you will seep by being in a foreign land and interacting with a diverse set of individuals will be a life-altering experience.

Adjust to the novel teaching methodology

  • Higher education abroad will be starkly different than what you witnessed in your home country.
  • Earlier, you would be spoon fed everything but alternatively now, you will only be provided with brief instructions and support, post which you have to figure the rest out for yourself.
  • Throughout the class, you will be required to stay attentive and take notes down, this will come in handy in the later stages.
  • Always stay ahead of your reading and come prepared for your classes.
  • Group projects will be a regular feature and conductively understanding your teammate's ideas will be required of you.

Understand the details

  • Before you commence your study abroad journey, it is important that you gain access to all the details, these include fees, expenses, accommodation, teaching method, transportation and much more.
  • Undertaking research beforehand will make the experience easier for you.
  • Apart from this knowing the local language culture, weather and food will also make the experience seamless.
  • Your university abroad will have groups and societies, actively participate in them to socialize and network.

Learning basic sustenance

  • It is natural that while you were at home all your needs were catered to. However, at your study abroad destination you will be expected to make your own ends meet.
  • Apart from acing the skills of budgeting, you will also be required to know the basics of cooking.
  • Ensure that you eat healthy so that you are in the fittest of health.
  • Always be willing to learn and your experience will be wholesome.

Accept Challenges

  • Finding yourself in a foreign destination means you will face some hardships coming your way. However, you must ensure to take them in your stride and emerge victoriously. Since this too is part of your wholesome study abroad experience.
  • Homesickness, academic pressure and loneliness are some of the emotions you will go through.
  • Talk to your friends and family for support.
  • But at the end of the day, always believe in yourself and know that you will get through it.

Prepare for emergencies

  • Take into account the weather and pack accordingly.
  • Also, carry all your required gadgets and medication.
  • On arrival scout your area to locate all the necessary shops.

Studying abroad is nothing short of a life-changing experience, grab this opportunity with both hands.
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