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Study in UK - The Land of Opportunity and Success

January 2022

As one of the most sought-after destinations for international students to study abroad, the United Kingdom is home to one of the best education systems globally that aim to equip students with practical and professional skillsets to prepare their students for real-world settings. Along with an engaging curriculum, universities in UK for international students offer opportunities both academically and professionally to boost their career prospects.

The UK prides itself on its extensive course curriculum across different verticals, industries, and disciplines. Thanks to its fast-track courses, the cost of studying in UK for Indian students is considerably cheaper and more economical than other study destinations across the globe.

Safety and Wellness are at the core of British culture, especially for international students. Home to the NHS (National Health Service), students are put at ease as it is one of the world's most advanced healthcare systems. Along with special policies and low crime rates, the decision to pursue education abroad in the UK is a safe and secure one.

Study in UK – The Land of Opportunity and Success

1. Wide variety of courses and degrees.

Being an educational hub, the UK offers a plethora of educational courses across different vertical and disciplines. Across the board, the UK aims to prepare its student with a multifaceted approach to education. Students that choose to study in UK can pursue courses in Business, Psychology, Engineering, Technology, Data Science or even Computers. The possibilities are endless. Along with their courses, students are also presented with the opportunity to pursue courses from other disciplines. This ensures a holistic outlook for the students. With up-to-date and state-of-the-art facilities, the UK continues to deliver excellence in education at every juncture, be it a diploma, Bachelor's degree or even a master'.

2. Globally recognized qualifications.

Colleges in UK for international students along with universities in UK offer degrees and qualifications that are not only recognized globally but also act as a sign of trust and respect for employers. As the mode of instruction for study in UK offers an applied-based and practical approach, organizations prefer these graduates as they are equipped with international exposure and perspectives in their respective fields. There are various degree programs and courses that are recognized internationally and have international accreditations too.

3. Professional accreditations.

Every course or degree offered at universities in UK have specific accreditations and certifications that authenticate the program and the qualification awarded. These accreditations bolster the students' profile to assist them to get ahead in their professional careers. Across different disciplines, there are different accreditations. For example, for MBA courses, students pursue courses that are accredited to AAA. The AAA consists of AMBA (Association MBA), ACCA (Association Councils of Chartered Accountants), and ACSB (Association to Collegiate Schools of Business). For Physiotherapy courses, they are accredited to HCPC (Health Care Professional Care). Similarly, for Psychology courses, the accrediting body is the BPS (British Psychology Society). For Architecture, courses are accredited to RIBA (Royal Institutes of British Architects).

4. Post-study work opportunities.

A salient feature of study in UK is that Masters Courses and degrees span 1 year instead of the usual duration of 2 years. This enables students to receive the same qualification in a shorter time. Along with this, with the introduction of the Graduate Immigration Route, from 1st July 2021, students that have pursued and completed their higher education courses from recognized universities in UK are eligible to stay back for two years and gain work experience in the UK. Students who complete their Ph.D. studies are eligible for three years to stay back.

Another unique of the UK is that it offers something known as a Sandwich Course. Offered majorly for undergraduate programs, the student studies for the first 2 years and secures an internship or employment in the 3rd year. After this employment stint, the student returns in the 4th year and completes the course.

At the postgraduate level, universities offer something called 'Placement year' courses. While Master's courses in the UK last for 1 year, in this course structure the student studies in the first year take up employment or internships in the second. These placements are usually unpaid but, in some cases, the student may be compensated in the form of housing amenities, living expenses, etc.

5. Financial aid and assistance

As finances are the backbone of overseas education, in the form of scholarships, UK offers a plethora of options for students to seek financial aid. Every scholarship has its own eligibility criteria for being awarded and this differs from university to university. Along with academic scholarships, UK universities also offer tuition grants, fee waivers, and bursaries.

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