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Study in Canada: Part-Time Jobs for International Students

April 2021

An enticing study destination, if you too are looking to study in Canada and seek part-time jobs, to support yourself financially or enhance your skillsets, working in Canada is an alluring avenue. Since you are an international student, you need to be aware of the regulations and the pathways to finding jobs.

We have brought together all the details in regards to the same that you will require.

Work during courses in Canada

  • Students in Canada can work both on and off-campus. This includes part-time work during the duration of the course (20 hours/week) and full-time work during course breaks (40 hours/week).
  • Many students in Canada also indulge in internships and volunteer work. Students can avail of these through the multitude of support programs offered in the country.

How to qualify for an off-campus job in Canada?

  • You must possess a valid student permit and be a full-time student
  • You must enrol yourself in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) at the post-secondary level
  • If you are studying in Quebec you must be enrolled in a vocational programme
  • You must hold a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • You must attain a degree, diploma or a certificate through an academic, vocational or professional training program

How to qualify for an on-campus job in Canada?

In this case, you aren't required to possess a work permit or a SIN and are permitted to exceed the 20 hours/week work limit during the course.

How to find a job during your study in Canada?

  • As mentioned earlier, the first step that you need to undertake is to attain a SIN. This allows you to work and attain access to a range of benefits. Moreover, depending on the province under consideration there also exist a minimum age criteria.
  • Part of the experience at universities in Canada is networking. This comes in handy when seeking a job. Other than that there are various websites that you can refer to when hunting for jobs.
  • Ensure that your CV, Cover Letter and other prep for the interview is in place.

What is the co-operative work term in Canada?

  • The co-op work term in some cases is part of the course and enables students to gain first-hand experience in their field of study.
  • These terms last for 12 to 17 weeks, giving students the required head-start in their career. This is an excellent opportunity to connect and network in the Canadian job market.

What are the popular part-time jobs in Canada?

Some part-time jobs that you can avail yourself during your courses in Canada are:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Customer service assistant
  • Sales assistant
  • Office assistant
  • Cook
  • Server
  • Programme Facilitator
  • Festival coordinator

What are the popular Canadian student cities students can seek jobs in?

Some highly sought after cities to study in Canada include:

  • Burnaby
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Quebec
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

What are the tips to find part-time jobs in Canada?

Apart from the above-mentioned courses, other popular ones include Arts, Music and Theatre.

Programs offered in Canada

  • Ensure that your CV comprehensively explains your profile and is tailored to the job application.
  • It is always advisable to find jobs that are in tandem with your course of study.
  • Always put your best foot forward, if your skills manage to impress the employer, they will seek further collaboration with you.
  • Post the completion of the program, students are eligible for a post-graduation work permit that permits them to work in Canada for 3 years.
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