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Study in Australia: What Does It Cost?

December 2021

Australia, the Land of Kangaroos, also known as the 'Land Down Under' is one amongst the most preferred destinations to study abroad. The country is known worldwide for its magnificent beauty and splendid landscapes that attracts millions of people the world over. The universities in Australia are known for their long standing history and splendour and offer innumerable courses for international students to choose from. Courses in Australia are offered across various fields of study that range from Law and Dentistry to Architecture and Engineering, among others. Australian universities are acclaimed for their top notch and quality courses, flexible education system etc. Degrees obtained from Australia have world recognition and aid students in securing jobs at prominent companies with high paying salaries. At present more than 60000 Indian students study in Australia, making the country a popular study destination. Exemplary research facilities along with state-of-the-art research equipment are available. The Australian universities are members of an International Academic community with the faculty employed at these institutions being recruited on an international basis. Australia, a safe country with a pleasant climate and a stable democracy has all the necessary ingredients for an ideal study abroad destination.

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The decision to study abroad is a challenging and life changing one with many decisions that one is required to make. Upon deciding to study in Australia, one needs to take into consideration the cost factor. This article throws light and helps the student navigate through all the cost considerations he/she is required to make in order to understand what it costs to study in Australia.

Study In Australia: Tuition Fees

When one decides to study in Australia, one is required to pay the tuition fees. This however, varies depending upon the course opted for by the student and the insitution selected. Courses in Australia may be costly only when they have a computer or laboratory component involved. The table below gives approximate figures to the cost of study in Australia.

 Courses  Fees (Per Year/Approx)
 Graduate Certificate  A$19000
 Graduate Degree  A$28000
 Undergraduate  A$22000-A$24000
 Postgraduate  A$25000-A$40000

Costs Of Living:

International students who study in Australia are approximately going to spend A$ 19830 per annum on living expenses, that include:

  • Food
  • Transport
  • Cothing
  • Entertainment
  • Accommodation
  • Telephone Charges
  • Incidental Charges

One should take into consideration the fact that the living costs incurred by him/her depends on his/her lifestyle and location to a large extent.

Health Insurance:

All international students pursuing studies in Australia should mandatorily have an OSHC i.e. an Overseas Student Health Cover. Upon accepting the offer, the premium for the same needs to be paid. The amount the student is required to pay varies each year and depends on the duration of his/her stay. It may range between A$650-A$750 per year approximately.

Cost Of Accommodation:

The accommodation expenses are as under:

 Type  Approximate Cost
 Hostels and Guesthouses  A$90 to A$150 per week
 On Campus Accommodation  A$90 to A$280 per week
 Rental  A$165 to A$440 per week
 Homestay  A$235 to A$325 per week
 Shared Rental  A$85 to A$215 per week
 Boarding Schools  A$11,000 to A$22,000 a year

Employment Opportunities:

Students who study in Australia are eligible to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during their course duration and full time during vacations i.e. course breaks. Nonetheless, students can do so only on a valid student visa.

Scholarships, Aids and Bursaries:

Students studying in the country are offered more than 300 scholarships each year. In some cases, individual universities in Australia offer scholarships or research grants to students who perform oustandingly in academics. The Australian government has an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship scheme that is conferred to postgraduate research students. At the Bachelor's and Master's level, part scholarships are available. These however, are based on academic performance.

Costs Of Visa:

Students in order to study in Australia are required to have a valid student visa. For this the student is required to pay a stipulated fee amount. The fee amount for the same is approximately A$575.

Travel Expenses:

The various modes of transport available in Australia include, trains, trams, buses and ferries. Public and private car services also exist. However, the student's access to these transportation facilities depends largely upon his/her location. A few colleges and universities in Australia have their own in-house transport system. International students are provided transport concessions, however, the student needs to present his/her student identification card or an ACTION Students Concession Card. Different areas in Australia have transportation discounts that it offers to its students. Through the information obtained in this article, one's decision to study in Australia is going to be simplified for sure. Need further assistance and information about Australia? Look no further. Edwise, India's Leading Overseas Education Consultancy will provide you with all the necessary information you require to have a smooth university experience.

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