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Study in Australia: Trending Bachelor Courses To Opt For

August 2022

Australia is one of the most preferred study overseas destinations like the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand etc. The country experiences a huge influx of international students who desire to study in Australia, year after year. Australia is home to top-notch colleges and universities with a long-standing history. Australian universities offer a vast array of courses for international students to choose from. Courses in Australia are offered across various study fields ranging from Earth Sciences, Actuarial Science, Medicine, Social Studies, Business and Management, Law, Humanities, Journalism, and Media, among others. Seven colleges rank in the top 100 globally to study in Australia. Their graduate employability rate is high. A degree earned in Australia is highly valued by employers around the world. Among the many courses offered by universities in Australia, the trending Bachelor courses that international students opt to study in Australia are as under:

Trending Bachelor Courses in Australia


Combining both art and science, architecture is a process that involves planning, designing, and constructing huge buildings and structures, while at the same time taking into consideration its functionality, endurance, and aesthetics through the use of various materials, elements of design, and technology. Once a building is designed and constructed, a vital role is played by the architect in the entire process. The population globally is growing at an accelerated rate and thus, architectural practice as well as the construction industry needs to be at par with the contemporary built environment requirements. Students who pursue an undergraduate degree in Architecture in Australia will be equipped with a good knowledge base in this respective field covering the basic architectural concepts. Important modules studied by the student may include the science of designing, designing structures, designing buildings, as well as studying about how to use architectural technology in the design work. Thus, architecture, both business and residential, is a vocation choice that’s in demand in Australia.

Information Technology and Computer Science

Both in the country and across the world, computer science and software engineering engineers have highly sought after. With the outburst of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the chances and growth potential for people in this field are abundant. Gaining expertise in machine learning, AI, banking, and data management results in significant employment outcomes.


The study of both, human behaviour and mind, Psychology as a vast field can be applied to a wide array of professions. In Australia, there is a shortage of educational analysts, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, and hierarchical psychologists. The point of intersection of AI and psychology has appealing possibilities as well.

Tourism and Hospitality Management

The travel industry in Australia is vast with a magnificent landscape and a plethora of activities to indulge in. People from all across the globe come to the country to laze on white sandy sea shores, visit huge deserts, participate in all that the metropolitan cities offer, and visit the attractive wildlife of Australia. Numerous cafes and restaurants in Australia have inadequate number of workers. There is also a lack of trained and qualified skilled staff to take up positions such as those of accommodation and hospitality managers.

Core Engineering

With the growing population, technology and innovation also continues to develop. Designing entails that the structures are endurable, the foundation is solid, transportation designed for minimal ecological effect while being reasonable for the purposes, and energy resources are productively made use of. Core Engineering is a vast study field which empowers students to specialize in their areas of interest and grow in areas of skill deficit. There is a shortage of electrical engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical and modern architects, and electronic and correspondence engineers in the country.

Biomedical Engineering

The confluence of medical services, engineering, science, and medication is Biomedical Engineering. The quality of designing and fundamentals from science is taken to build frameworks, devices, and instruments that take care of human problems. It’s a notably demanding field that hopes to help with both diagnostics and treatment of disease in addition to rehabilitation and injury management. This field of work would be a spectacular career move for a competent individual with comprehensive knowledge of designing and human science.


A massive range of choices, for both, specialization with further study as well as for business, unfolds with a degree in Accountancy. They are roles that are currently in demand, with tax and management accountancy jobs both listed on the exchange lack list.


Aviation being comparatively a new entrant in the listing has exhibited an amazing number of responses from students. A detailed course structure, ample employment opportunities in addition to the lack of distinctive aviation courses in the country make this one of the most sought after courses to study in Australia. Bachelors in Aviation in Australia is offered by Monash University, RMIT University, University of Sydney and Queensland University of Technology.

Agricultural Sciences

Agrarian sciences, part of the STEM career pathway, offer numerous job options. This degree is taken by farming, agriculture, cultivating, and agronomist vocations and assure that the outcomes are the best and that people have food sources going into the future.

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