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Short Programs For Indian Students In The UK

July 2022

The United Kingdom, one of the several popular study abroad destinations is globally regarded for its top-notch and quality education. The country is home to renowned universities with a long-standing and age-old history and culture. The UK experiences the influx of a large number of students year after year. Students from different countries, on completing their 12th, pursue their higher studies from prominent universities in UK. The UK houses numerous universities that offer diverse and ingenious short-term courses for Indian students to opt from. These courses which have a time duration of about 1-6 months, aid in the provision of subject-specific knowledge and practical implementation. A degree earned in the UK is globally acclaimed with a good deal of Indian students contemplating to pursuing their higher studies in the country.

Short courses and programs for Indian Students In the UK

What are short-term courses?

1-6 months long certificates and vocational courses are referred to as short-term courses. Right after completing their 12th, students can apply for these courses that are an excellent way to turn their interests into their profession.

Benefits of undertaking short-term courses

  • Short-term courses enhance one's career
  • They help boost one's knowledge
  • Help in improving or acquiring new skills
  • Builds one's network
  • Turns hobbies into a business
  • Economical and time-saving

Several short-term courses to choose from in the UK


Among the many short programs offered by universities in UK, given below are a few.

Animation and Illustration Portfolio Preparation Short Course

One can pursue this program right after 12th. The duration of this course is one week.

Graphic Design Short Course

With a duration of one week, this program too can be pursued by students right after 12th.

Branding and Identity Design Short Course


Students upon completing their 12th can pursue this short term course which is for a period of five weeks.

Furniture Design for Beginners

The Furniture Design for Beginners is a six-week long program that can be opted for by students upon completing their 12th.

Business Analytics

The duration of this short-course is three weeks. Students can pursue this course after their 12th.

Pre-University- Humanities Short Course

One can pursue this course of 2 weeks right after 12th.

Footwear Design Short Course

This 14 day long program too can be opted for after students complete their 12th grade.

Sustainable Finance and Climate Change

One can pursue this short program after 12th. It is a two week long program.

The Fashion Buying and Merchandising Intensive Short Course is for a duration of 7 days and can be opted for after 12th.

Short-term courses in UK that Indian students can opt for

Short-term courses are offered by several universities in UK across various fields of study. Given below are the short programs for Indian students:


Students can choose between Gender Equality and Law, Human Rights Law, and International Law.

Health and Medicine

One can study Nursing, Revolutions in Biomedicine, Introduction to Psychology, or Child Nutrition.


Here one can learn Graphic Designing, Fashion Designing, Website Designing, Footwear Designing.

Under Marketing, students can choose between Branding, Introduction to PR & Advertising, and Introduction to Digital Marketing.

Indian students can also opt for Business and Management short-term courses in UK. Here one can choose between Supply Chain Management, Fashion Design Management, Leadership Development, Hospitality Management, and Principles of Business and Management.

Pursuing short-term courses in UK: Eligibility and Prerequisites

Various courses in different disciplines are offered at universities in UK. Students enrolling for short-term courses are required to meet certain eligibility criteria and requirements. These eligibility requirements vary from course to course.

Mentioned below is the basic eligibility and requirements for pursuing further education in the UK:

  • To apply for varied short-term courses in UK, students are required to complete their 12th grade board exams.
  • One should also clear the English Proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc., before applying for further studies.
  • Important documents such as Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are also necessary for students to seek admission in various courses.

In order to seek admission in UK, students are required to apply based on the eligibility criteria put forth by the respective university. One can apply for either a visitor's visa or a student visa upon receiving an offer letter.

Procedure to apply for short-term courses in UK

Given below is the process that students needs to adhere to, to apply for short-term courses in UK:

  • Consult a counselor/expert who will offer guidance throughout the application process.
  • Shortlist the preferred course and university of choice.
  • Apply for the IELTS, TOEFL, etc. to support your admission process.
  • The next step to be followed by the student is to fill the application form and upload the mandatory documents.
  • Upon receiving the Offer Letter, apply for the visa.

Pursuing short-term courses in UK: Cost

Several factors determine the cost of study in UK. These include the type of course, course duration, university, etc. Accommodation and living are usually included in the cost of studying. For one planning on pursuing short-term courses in UK, the average cost can be computed at about Rs. 1,50,000- Rs. 4,92,000. Students opting for short-term courses are not provided accommodation facilities by universities in UK due to which they are required to stay in a rented apartment. The rent of a one-bedroom set will approximately cost the student 600 EUR.

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