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Scholarships to Study in UK

March 2021

Studying in the UK offers students an opportunity to access impeccable higher education abroad. Students often seek scholarships avenues to fund their study in UK. These scholarships partly or fully cover the costs of education in UK.

The competition to attain a scholarship in UK is extremely high, with entry requirements in some cases being arduous to crack into. However, if you possess impeccable academics, then don't hold yourself back from making an application for scholarships in UK.

Here is a list of scholarships available for international students, looking to study in UK:

The Chevening Scholarships

  • Those students with an alluring academic background, with the ability to demonstrate leadership skills are contenders for this governmental scholarship.
  • The British Embassy selects international students who can access these scholarships.
  • The government hopes that by seeping into the immaculate UK culture, students will become trailblazers in the field.
  • Every academic cycle over 1500 of these scholarships are offered.
  • Those students seeking to study Masters in UK can avail themselves of this scholarship.

The Commonwealth Scholarships

  • Every year, this category of scholarships in UK is offered to those hailing from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries.
  • It looks to aid those students who wouldn't have the requisite financial means to study in UK themselves.
  • Students with sound academics and the desire to return to their home country to aid in its development through the nuances learnt in UK universities are eligible candidates.
  • The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK offers an array of scholarships in this category that includes, Commonwealth PhD Scholarships, Commonwealth Master's Scholarships and Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships.

The Royal Society Grants

  • The aim of this society of the world's most eminent scientist is to promote scientific excellence, encourage international collaboration and prove the importance of science to everyone. And in an attempt to attain these goals, it offers grants and awards to students.

Euraxess UK

  • This scholarship taps into those students looking to undertake research study in UK.
  • An online portal, managed by the British Council, Euraxess UK promotes researchers to develop their careers.
  • It aids both national as well as international students seeking research activities.
  • First stage researcher, Early career researcher and experienced researcher are all supported by this scholarship.

Scholarships offered by Universities in UK

  • Based on financial needs and academic excell, certain top universities in UK also offer scholarships to international students.
  • They also offer awards based on the student's academic merit and performance during the course.
  • Other than that, individual departments may also offer scholarships to students.

Scholarships for Indian Students

  • Special awards for Indian students are offered by universities.
  • Apart from that, the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships is offered to research and doctoral students and visiting fellows from India.
  • Moreover, at any degree level, Indian students can also apply for the Saltire Scholarships.

Scholarships in UK are extremely competitive and the deadlines and come strict way before the course commencement. Therefore, your best chance to attain these scholarships is through Edwise, India's Leading Overseas Education Consultants.

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