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Reasons to Study in the Best Universities in UK

December 2023

Reasons to Study in the Best Universities in UK


The United Kingdom is a country that is home to some of the best universities in the world. With universities dating back to the 12th and 13th century and having excellent facilities has set a benchmark for pursuing education in UK. Studying in a country like UK is also about knowing about various perspectives, diverse cultures and learn from the best universities.

Best universities in the UK

The universities in UK are among the top ranked universities in the world. With the best education, the best universities are listed down below:

Why study in the best universities?

You must have had a look at the best universities in UK, but why would one study in these universities? Read further to know the reasons to choose the universities:

Academic excellence

Top universities in UK are well known for their academic excellence and high-quality education. There is excellent faculty, diverse academic programs and ample amount of research and innovation opportunity. The universities give priority to the quality of education and student learning experiences. Innovative teaching methods are seen providing personalised attention and offer supportive learning environment.

Research opportunities

The leading universities in UK are at the forefront of research and innovation. Students get access to cutting-edge research facilities, leading experts in the respective domain and opportunities to contributing to various research projects. Research opportunities usually include state-of-the-art facilities, libraries, laboratories and other resources that contribute to a conducive learning environment.

Degrees being recognised globally

Degrees from the UK universities are recognised all across the globe. Employers from all over the world value graduates from the British universities, making it easier for better career opportunities.

Networking opportunities

Studying in top UK universities provide valuable networking opportunities. Students get the opportunity to connect with fellow peers, faculty members and industry professionals that can be beneficial for future collaborations and career advancements.


Candidates graduating from British universities are considered highly employable. These institutions have strong ties with many industries. In addition, the graduates from the universities are well prepared for the industry.

Alumni network

The alumni network of renowned universities has powerful resources for career development. Graduates benefit from various connections with successful alumni who offer mentorship, advice and job opportunities.

Personality development

Studying in top British universities can contribute in a significant way to the personality development. This helps in exploring challenging academic environments, cultural diversity, extracurricular activities and other aspects that are important for personality development.

International community

UK universities attract a considerable number of students from around the world. The international environment fosters understanding of different cultures and global perspective.

Eligibility criteria to study in UK

  • The universities in UK requires the students to give a proof of English language proficiency through accepted tests like IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Minimum score requirements vary by institution and program. Whereas some universities will ask for additional entrance exams in case of postgraduate or doctoral programs. Submission of portfolio in case of arts, design, and architecture will be required.
  • Detailed resume or curriculum vitae should be demonstrated by students
  • A student must have completed 12 to 15 years of education (depending on the level of education) from a recognised institution.
  • Letters of Recommendation or academic references, personal statement or statement of purpose needs to be provided. It should highlight their interest in the course, motive of study and a background of their previous education.
  • A proof of finance is required to demonstrate the ability to cover tuition fees and other expenses.
  • Candidates willing to study in UK for an extended period need to appear for a medical examination.

Scholarships for international students

There are many scholarships for international students. They are:

  • Chevening scholarship
  • Commonwealth scholarship
  • Gates Cambridge scholarship
  • British Chevening/ Cambridge scholarship
  • Rhodes scholarship
  • Commonwealth shared scholarship
  • Clarendon scholarship
  • Scotland’s Sattire scholarship
  • Edinburg Global research scholarship
  • University specific scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a student apply for permanent residency after completing a degree?

UK government does not provide permanent residency to students directly. The candidate has to be eligible for a full-time job, should know English for being a skilled labour or have his or her own business or start-up in UK. In addition, the candidate has to spend a minimum period in UK after completing the degree. An alternate way to get permanent residency in UK is through a family member who has already settled in UK for a considerable amount of time. The family member can be spouse, partner or any other family member.

What are the courses one can study in the best universities in UK?

Top courses in UK can be studied in some of the best universities of UK. The top courses include Humanities and Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Business and Management, Law, Medicine and Health Science, Psychology, Languages and Linguistics, Computer Science and Information Technology, Architecture and Environmental Science.

Which are the different tests accepted in UK apart from IELTS?

Universities in UK happily and readily accept students from around the world. But the admission criteria is subject to specific tests accepted by the universities. Though IELTS is the main exam score accepted, the students can choose to appear for alternate exams such as Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Pearson Test of English (PTE), Cambridge Advanced or Cambridge Proficiency.

Why is UK the best country to study?

UK is surely one of the best countries to study at. Here are some compelling reasons to study in UK: World-Class Universities, Diverse Range of Courses, Quality of Education, Research Opportunities, Cultural Diversity, Language of Instruction, Historical and Cultural Significance, International Networking Opportunities, Work Opportunities, Gateway to Europe.

How do I choose the right university in UK?

Follow these steps to choose the right university in UK:

  • Decide on the university and goals
  • Choose the location of the university
  • Research about various universities
  • Check accreditation and various aspects of the university
  • Make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria of the university
  • Explore the various courses offered
  • Research about the faculty and research opportunities
  • Go through the alumni reviews
  • Do not forget to do virtual campus tours
  • Consider your finances
  • Make sure that the student and cultural life fits your preferences
  • Check and consult with academic advisors and counsellors
  • Compare with other universities

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Best Universities in UK for International Students

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