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Reasons to Study in Ireland Over Other Countries

January 2022

Ireland, an English speaking country, is known for its rich culture, scenic beauty and friendly people. It is one of the preferred study destinations in the world among international students. Home to many top- noche colleges and universities, the Irish education system is one of the best in the world and many students prefer to study in Ireland. Colleges in Ireland provide students with a well-rounded experience in terms of both, study and work. Irish universities offer courses across various fields of study. Following are the reasons that make Ireland an ideal study destination over other countries:

Reasons to Study in Ireland

Irish Education System

  • Ireland, home to world-renowned universities, the education system in Ireland is among the best in the world. It offers qualifications that have world recognition and a vast array of degrees for international students to choose from.
  • Ireland, known for high-quality scientific research, there are a number of research institutes in the country and international students study in Ireland and pursue research in various fields at its top-ranking colleges.
  • The education system in Ireland is closely linked to industry and focuses on flexibility, creativity, and pragmatism.
  • Education has played a key role in making Ireland one of the fastest-growing world economies.

Employment opportunities

  • World famous leading Multinational Companies viz. Apple, Pfizer, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, GSK, etc. have their Headquarters in Ireland. This enables students to acquire their dream job in their preferred company.
  • Universities in Ireland offer a large number of internship opportunities. This aids students in achieving experience and skills and can be of great help while seeking jobs.
  • One wishing to earn while pursuing their postgraduation, can apply for a work permit or green card.

Offers numerous courses and scholarships

  • There are numerous colleges in Ireland that are internationally ranked offering over 5000 courses.
  • Irish universities offer Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate level degrees for students to pursue higher studies in Ireland.
  • Courses in Ireland are offered in a vast array of subjects viz. Law, History, Business, Humanities, Engineering, Science, Cybersecurity, Arts, Medicine, among others. Therefore, one is sure to find almost all major study programs in Ireland.
  • Universities in Ireland offer full as well as partial scholarships. In addition, there are various Government-funded and Private Institutional grants and scholarships for international students to study in Ireland.
  • Around 32,000 international students seek admission to the various courses offered by Irish universities.

Safe and welcoming country

  • A highly developed democracy with a modern economy, Ireland is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world for international students.
  • 40% of the population in Ireland is under 25 years of age and thus, this country has a young vibrant population.
  • The Irish people are known for their friendly, hospitable, and welcoming nature.

English speaking country

  • Ireland is predominantly an English-speaking country. Although Gaelic is the official language of Ireland, the majority of the Irish people speak English with only 36% of the population speaking the official language.
  • English being a global lanaguage, it is suitable and spoken all over the world. Therefore, the course curriculum in Ireland is also in English.
  • Students are provided with an opportunity to improve their speaking and listening skills.
  • No language barriers are attached.
  • Students wishing to study in Ireland, find it easy to cope with the course as well as the place.
  • Thus, Ireland is one of the preferred study destinations among international students.

Lower living costs

  • In comparison to other countries, the costs of living in Ireland is comparatively lower.
  • The costs of living depends on the place one chooses to study in, the type of accommodation preferred as well as one's lifestyle.
  • Just like any other European country, if one decides to reside in a bigger city, one has to spend more. On the other hand, living in smaller urban areas and towns will cost one less.

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Study in Ireland Universities

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