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Part-Time Jobs For International Students In Australia

April 2022

Known around the world as the 'Land Down Under' and the 'Land of Kangaroos', Australia is one among the most sought-after study abroad destinations among international students. The country is known for its rich culture and history and its age-old colleges and universities. The universities in Australia offer students a plethora of courses to opt from. Courses in Australia are offered across various fields of study viz. Engineering, Dentistry, Sports Management, Architecture, Law, Business Studies, among others. Students are offered outstanding learning exposure, research opportunities, and employment prospects. A degree from Australia has global recognition and graduates from Australia are highly preferred and valued by employers the world over.

By managing one's finance and acquiring part-time jobs to support one's self, a considerable portion of studying overseas can easily be managed. Students who study in Australia are offered various part-time jobs in the country. Students can work for 20 hours per week during semesters and there is no cap on working during vacations. There are variously skilled as well as unskilled part-time jobs in Australia. The pay scale for each occupation differs based on the location of the job, demand, and type of work. The minimum wage one earns in Australia is roughly AUD 20. The different types of part-time jobs, eligibility, the minimum salary, etc. are explained as under:

Courses in Australia

Part-time jobs for students who study in Australia

A student desiring to study in Australia can engage himself/herself in numerous online as well as offline jobs. Students can work in any sector of their choice viz. hospitality, service or industry, and retail. Skilled workers will earn a wage higher than that of unskilled workers. Part-time offering is open for foreign students up to AUD 40.

Eligibility Criteria

To acquire part-time jobs in Australia, students should adhere to the regulations mentioned below:

  • Applicants who are applying for a job should possess a valid student visa
  • He/she must be admitted to a full-time study program at an Australian university that is recognized by the government
  • Students ought to maintain minimum attendance and academic prerequisites laid down by the University
  • He/she should hold an overseas student health cover

The job requirements differ from job to job. Nevertheless, students keeping up with all the rules mentioned above can apply for unskilled part-time employment in the country. To find a job, international students can browse different sources like references, online portals, newspapers, etc. Students should also build their resume showcasing their interests and skills. A student can also take on on-campus jobs while studying and get paid for the same.

Why opt for a Part-time job?

By taking up a part-time job, a number of students who study in Australia supplement their finances. Opting for a part-time job while studying is difficult, nonetheless, the idea to exploit your free time to earn money is just brilliant. A part-time job seems to be a good idea if the student studying in Australia wants to repay a student loan, engage in recreational activities, or wishes to enhance his/her skills.

Some Part-time Jobs In Australia

Customer Care Centres

This is a hassle-free job and does not require many hand skills. Part of the job includes answering consumer questions regarding the company's goods and services. This is regarded as one of the most preferable part-time employment by majority of the students who study in Australia. Applicants need to have high English Proficiency with majority of Customer Service centres paying between AUD 25-32 per hour.

Private Tutor

One should take up this job if he/she possesses immense knowledge and yearns to impart it to others to widen their horizons. Teach and earn while you learn. Students can opt for part-time tutoring jobs, work at his/her convenience in person or via an online medium and earn an attractive amount of AUD 20-40 per hour. It is essential for the applicant to possess befitting communication skills and a high degree of knowledge in the selected subject.

In stores

International students who study in Australia can also take up part-time jobs at stores. Employees are generally hired by majority of the supermarkets and general stores to fill in shelves and manage customers as well. On the basis of the store size, number of employees, and customers, the payment differs. Students are mostly paid between 20-25 AUD per hour. There is a higher payment for night shifts.


In numerous businesses students can work as accountants or cashiers. One possessing firm accounting capability is best suited for this job. A notable level of responsibility is needed for which students who take up this role may require some basic computer skills. One can earn between AUD 20-30 per hour.

Jobs at Cafes, Restaurants and Hostels

Hostels in Australia are a great place to seek a job. International students can work as receptionists because of their age, global experience, and linguistic skills. They can also opt for jobs in the Hospitality industry by working at eating outlets and earn a part-time income. No further qualifications are required and thus, this kind of job is in high demand. Students can generally earn between 20-25 AUD per hour.

In addition to the above, international students can also opt to work as a delivery agent and an admin executive where they can earn AUD 8-12 per delivery and between 20-35 AUD respectively.

The cost of living in Australia for international students being high, taking up a part-time job is seen as a perfect choice to fund yourself.

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universities in Australia

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