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Online Learning: How to Be a Successful Online Learner

Whilst most students may associate online learning with rolling out of their bed and attending classes, skipping everything they were required to do in the middle of attending a class in person. Online classes are so much more than just the convenience it offers to the students.

Students who were set on their journey to study abroad, were met with a roadblock in the name of COVID-19. This pandemic has temporarily put study abroad plans on hold. However, this does not mean that the education prospects of these aspiring students are halted.


Government and University Stance

Government as well as the universities have decided to offer all possible means of support to ensure that the needs of international students are not compromised. One such method of doing so has been through conducting online classes. To ensure that the higher study abroad dreams of students are not compromised, universities abroad have begun their semester online. They are reassuring students that they can begin their classes online without facing an issue during their visa application. There were several students that faced the problems of their course of choice not being offered through the online medium. The universities made sure that the needs of such students were also catered to. They allowed the students to switch their courses to those that were offered through the online medium.

Character Development

As mentioned earlier, online classes are much more than the convenience they offer. They make sure to enhance the critical thinking ability of students and enhance their adaptability traits. Not just this, they move on to make sure that the analytical skills of students are also harnessed. Moreover, the technical skills of the students are greatly harnessed since, they are required to use their technical equipment to attend these classes. Unlike the traditional means of education, an online class will tap into different attributes of the students. Not only do students become more accountable in nature because there is an increased sense of independence in an online class. But students are also required to enhance their communication skills, since interacting in person is quite different from interacting through a screen. Furthermore, the time management skills of the students are greatly harnessed, since they will be juggling with several tasks apart from attending their online classes. Students are required to stay motivated to ensure that they are able to see their online classes through.

The Experience

Whilst being at your study destination, meeting your fellow classmates and interacting with your faculty, in no ways is a comparison to the online class experience. However, it is important for students to remember that they are still amongst international minds. With them in their online classrooms are students from several corners of the world and some of the most renowned faculty form their discipline. Therefore, it is equally important that the students take complete advantage of their online study experience.

Video Online Classes

It is important to remember that if your online class is being conducted through platforms of video conferencing, you are being looked at. Thus, it is very important that students remain aware of their surroundings. This also means that if the students are distracted, they will easily be caught by the faculty in charge.

Participation in Class

Whilst it is natural to get lethargic when attending online classes, it is important to note that just as an on-campus class, it is important that students actively participate. While it may be difficult at first to communicate and talk through a screen, it all settles in due course of time. Therefore, it may seem odd at first but it is important to know that getting your doubts solved, putting your ideas across the table are some key elements to your online study experience.

Dedicated Study Space

As mentioned before, you may seem like you just want to spend the rest of your day in bed lazing around. However, to ensure that you remain focused and energised through your online class have a dedicated study place for your class. Make sure that it is equipped with the necessary study materials that you will need. Not just this, but ensure that you have a dedicated study plan in place to remain motivated through your study abroad experience.


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