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The Newbie Directory To The USA Application Process

February 2022

The USA is undoubtedly a land of opportunities, being home to assorted backgrounds with the highest number of top-ranked universities, and striking murals. Opting to study in the USA offers you an incredible promenade of growing academically, culturally, and socially. The USA has the world's largest international student population, with more than 1,000,000 students choosing to augment their education and life experience in the United States.

Nearly 5% of all students enrolled in higher-level education in the USA are international students, and the numbers are sprouting.

Before you are ready to depart, you should know that the U.S will undeniably offer you academic excellence, innovative technology, research opportunities, teaching and training, flexibility, support services for international students, global education, long-term career prospects, and much more...

Admissions in US universities are very competitive. Each university has its selection exemplar and the competition is very tough. One competes with prospective international students from all over the world for a limited number of spaces. Most universities in the USA encourage prospective international students to contact their admissions office at least one year before planning to enter that school.

USA Application Process


1.5 years pre-enrollment

Research meticulously through available resources on the potential colleges and universities that suit your desired degree, jot down the requisites, and concurrently improve your grades. Gain maximum information possible.

1 year pre-enrollment

Select the universities you are willing to send applications. Lay the groundwork and appear for entrance exams.

11 months pre-enrollment

Assemble the required primary and secondary credentials. Approach your professor or manager for a Letter of Recommendation. Retake entrance exam if the score is not satisfactory.

10 months pre-enrollment

Double-check all the documents gathered. Complete your application/s and send them out. Draft a student essay.

6 months before studying in the USA

Obtain the acceptance letter.

3 months before studying in the USA

Apply for a student visa. Prepare a Statement of Purpose letter. Apply for health insurance. Book for your travel tickets and other accommodations.

2 to 1 month/s before studying in the USA

Tick off the personal and class requirements whilst studying in the USA. Ensure to carry all the necessary documents with you.


The U.S Universities like to ensure that you can effectively learn. Thus, it is necessary to show that you have good enough English-language skills to apply for admission The minimum scores will depend largely on the programme and the university. Double-check the university and programme requirements to see the minimum score they expect from applicants. Most U.S. universities accept one of the following tests:

  1. IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing Service)
  2. TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  3. PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English)
  4. C1 Advanced (formerly known as Cambridge English Advanced)


Different universities and programmes will require different documents. However, the following are the documents you will most likely need if you are seeking to apply to a university in the US:

  1. Transcripts or records of grades (high school and/or university)
  2. Resume / CV
  3. Test scores (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT)
  4. Proof of English-language proficiency
  5. Motivation letter or statement of purpose
  6. Application fee
  7. Writing sample
  8. Passport photo


When applying for a Bachelor's degree in the US consider these two typical admission deadlines - early admission and regular admission.

If you're applying for the fall (autumn) admission, early deadlines will be between October and November, the previous year.

If you're applying for the fall (autumn) admission, regular admission deadlines will be between February and March, the same year.

When applying for a Master's degree in the US, the admission deadlines depend on the semester in which you are enrolling (spring intake or fall intake).

If you apply for fall admission, your deadline can be anywhere from January to March.

If you apply for the spring admission, your deadline is probably anywhere between July and September, the previous year.

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Study in USA Universities

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