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Myths About Studying in the UK

April 2024

The UK is a very good destination to consider. While considering the UK as a study abroad destination, there are many myths that you must have encountered and that must have created panic in you. But wait, what if there is a reality behind this? Read through to debunk the myth behind studying in the UK.

Student life in the UK

Myths about studying in the UK

  1. Studying in the UK is expensive: This is the most common myth about the UK. This myth has mainly arisen due to the currency value of the UK. Studying in the UK will definitely not cost a fortune. The overall expense for the student depends on the British city, university, and course that have been chosen. On the other hand, there are universities that charge affordable fees for education. Also, the universities provide financial aid in the form of scholarships and bursaries. This does not make the UK an expensive place for education.
  2. It is difficult to get a visa in the UK: One of the most prevalent myths about the UK is that it is very challenging to obtain a visa there. Though it is partially true, the UK has a moderate level of strictness, but the student visa process is actually very easy. Despite this, the visa is not guaranteed. It depends on a number of factors, such as the application form, purpose of study, financials, immigration background, etc. In recent times, the UK is about to launch a new study permit that will enable students to study and stay in the UK for up to two years after graduating from a UK university, through employment, etc. This makes the process and requirements simpler for international students.
  3. Making friends with British people is very difficult: A very common misconception about the UK is that the citizens are very inhospitable. The reality is a friendly, pleasant nature. There are numerous communities that exist. The student can participate in any activity, passion, event of interest, etc.
  4. The weather in the UK is always cold and rainy: One of the most common misconceptions about the United Kingdom is that its climate is too cold. So, the truth is that the UK has a sunny and rainy climate throughout the year. People living here get the chance to experience all four seasons throughout the year, including winter and autumn as well.
  5. Accommodation is very expensive: Many aspirants believe that living in the UK is tough and out of range due to it being costly. There are two facts behind this. One of the UK universities has hostels that can cut down on accommodation charges. Second, there are student-friendly cities in the UK. This means that the stay, accommodation, and food charges are quite affordable. Thus, not all cities in the UK are expensive.
  6. The transport system is complicated: It is a hoax that the transports are complicated. In reality, the UK has a systematic transport system and is governed by the British government. There are special discounts available from time to time to reduce travel charges. There are railcards available for railway passengers as well. There are certain cities that can be covered on foot. Also, there are bikes available for rent through City Bikes for better travel. The best part is that the universities also provide transportation services from one city to another. Furthermore, both national and international students can do intercity travel through London Underground.
  7. A job is not guaranteed: In a way, it's true that UK universities don’t guarantee a job after graduation. In fact, this is the case with any other university around the world. However, universities in the UK do not have career or placement offices that help students find jobs. According to the QS global survey, UK universities prepare their students to be employable in the future. Also, the job opportunities in the UK are relatively better as compared to other nations.
  8. The crime rate is too high: It is not true that the crime rate is too high. The UK is considered a safe country in Europe. One can also use the UK Police Interactive crime map to understand different crime levels in the region.
  9. Travel costs will be on the higher side: The UK has relatively affordable transport charges, especially in London, where there are tube (subway) and bus services available. Also, there are railway facilities. There are a variety of discount cards that offer discounts or free entry to various attractions in the UK.

The best universities to study in the UK

The UK has some of the best universities for international students. Some of the best universities in the UK are: University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University College London (UCL), University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, University of Warwick, University of Bristol, and University of Glasgow.

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Culture in the uk

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